Wednesday, November 23, 2011

mohair baby guinea pigs

I've been messing around with a 'baby mohair guinea pig' design this week - this is my journey in pictures!

Design attempt no. 1: (not really what I was aiming for)

Design attempt no. 2: (tried to simplify the ears, but still not quite right, eyes too big?)

Design attempt no. 3: (now not only are the eyes not right, but the ears are just weird! - too simplified now, will try adding more detail next time)

Design attempt no. 4: (added hand sculptured nose/eyelids. But the eyes look a little too sleepy, nose sticks out too far)

Design attempt no. 5: (changed the ears again, lowered the nose and pulled back the eyelids. Much better, but now the face is too narrow and rat-like!)

Design attempt no. 6: FINAL DESIGN! (Now this one I am happy with! Added whites to the eyes, and changed the head gusset slightly to fatten the face. At last!)

All of my prototypes/proper plush guinea pigs are now listed on etsy too.