Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lulu's baby girls - Amity and Anthea

I've had Lulu inside for the last few days. I thought she might have delivered around the same time as Bonnie (tuesday), but she didn't. So I've been patiently waiting, and watching and trying to keep up with her crazy appetite.

Last night I checked her and she just seemed different. Hard to say what it was, maybe a little more lethargic/relaxed - depending on how you look at it? I decided to bring her birthing box into the bedroom, so I'd hear her if she started to go into labour during the night. I heard something at about 5:30am, and sure enough - she'd gone into labour, but done it all without me! lol. There were two very wet, very big babies snuggled up next to her.

We all went back to sleep for another hour or so, then I weighed and sexed them this morning - two little girls!

This is Anthea. She weighed in at 110g (a VERY healthy runt!). She's jet black with a golden band part way around her middle.

And this is Amity. She weighed in at 120g. I weighed Lulu as well, and she's only 585g now. That's the equivalent of an average 60kg woman giving birth to a 12kg baby. (not 12lb, 12KG!). Lulu has done incredibly well - and unassisted too. Guinea pigs are incredible!

Amity is a roan guinea pig, meaning she's probably best not bred with. She is has stunning markings though, and will make a gorgeous pet.

I am so glad I decided to bring Lulu home from the pet shop for the duration of her pregnancy, she has been a joy to have around. Amity, Anthea and Lulu will all be available for their new homes in the week before Christmas. I would strongly recommend that if you are planning a guinea pig as a Christmas gift, do your research now and make sure you're prepared (cages, water bottles, food, knowledge!). I've seen too many 'impulse purchased' guinea pigs go to homes where the basic knowledge about what they can and can't eat was still unknown. (I have some information on the top of the blog (or click here), or a quick google search will help immensely too.

If you are interested in any of these gorgeous ladies, feel free to email me at Their adoption fee will be $25 each, and the babies will come with a birth certificate, and all three will come with a bag of our grain mix.

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  1. Awwww they are tooooo adorable! Cuteness over-load! :) The dad must have had white and brown in him...