Thursday, November 3, 2011


*** Thank you to everyone who enquired, but Miss Kobe is now in a wonderful new home ***

After much deliberation and a long chat with my hubby recently, we've decided that in order for us to focus on our rex/texel breeds and sheba breeds, and to allow the flexibility to take in 'needy/foster' pigs (like Lulu), we need to find homes for the healthy pigs not needed for our breeding program (basically the pets that we have fallen in love with!).

There will not be many pigs that I will be able to let go, but the first of those pigs to become available is the gorgeous Kobe.

She's 8 months old and she's a golden agouti and white crested smooth coat. She is a beautiful soft natured girl and would be fine to be bred with again if that is what you wanted for her - she was a perfect mummy first time around. I do ask that she be respected and not be put with a male until Jan at the earliest though, as she is just weaning her current litter and deserves that 4 month break.

Ideally she'd also just make a perfect, sweet pet for a caring family. Her adoption cost is $25 and will include a bag of the grain/chaff mix we blend here. Email me at if you'd like any more information on her. I'm a little attached to this lady, and this is a rather reluctant re-homing, so will be looking for a really good home for her (ideally someone who pop me an email from time to time to let me know how she's doing!?). I will admit that this 'saying goodbye' business is getting trickier!

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  1. We will love to have Kobe, she's just the sort of pig we want (as well as Lulu) and would be perfect for our boys, I would send you heaps of e-mails... like, HEAPS!!! Lol - she is such a cutie!...