Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The kids and I made a trip to our local BIG shopping centre this morning. This also happens to the the place where one of the best pet stores for good quality guinea pigs is located. So we did our shopping, then decided to check out the pet store. Sure enough, there was one gorgeous little fuzz-ball boy.

After holding him for just a moment, I decided he needed to come home with us! He is so placid, and so calm and SO soft! And after giving him the once-over back at home, it looks like he's got about 10 rosettes hidden under all that fur!

He's definitely a longer-coated pig than the usual abyssinian, and they estimated his age at 6-8 weeks. My guess is probably 6 weeks, as he's not a big boy and only weighed 290g. I'm SO excited to see how this little guy develops. I love surprise finds like this! And I can only say good things about that pet shop. The pigs are always immaculate, and they ask all the right questions before they let you adopt them. I know pet shops often get a bad wrap, but these guys are the exception for sure!

(oh, and how much does he look like Ginger's baby girl 'Grace'!?)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weigh In

[Dash, 5 weeks, just before he went to his new home]

The weigh in for Saturday the 25th Feb 2012:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 970g (gain 10g) - 47wks (11m)
Pollyanna is now 720g (same) - 17wks (4m)
Nixie is 640g (loss 30g) - 16wks (4m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 895g (gain 45g) - 30wks (7m)
Chloe is 655g (loss 65g) - 22wks (5m)

*** Tex's Condo ***
Tex is 865g (loss 5g) - 2.5yrs
Savannah is 885g (loss 5g) - 1.5yrs
Jasmine is 670g (gain 15g) - 24wks (5.5m)
Ivy is 890g (same) - 23wks (5m)

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Bella-Donna is 690g (same) - 14wks (3m)
Crumble is 870g (gain 45g) - 1.5yr
Custard is 955g (loss 5g) - 5yrs
Delilah is 980g (loss 20g) - approx 1yr
Eirwyn is 475g (gain 25g) - 10wks (2.5m)
Galaxy is 1300g (gain 105g)- 1 year old - (pregnant, due approx 24/3/12)
Gizelle is 780g (same) - 1.5yrs
Hannah is 300g (gain 40g) - 6wks (1.5m)
Indigo is 680g (loss 15g) - 26wks (6m)
Isla is 690g (loss 20g) - 26wks (6m)
Kumiko is 315g (gain 40g) - 8wks (2m)
Lacey is 465g (gain 20g) - 11wks (2.5m)
Lavender Mist is 895g (loss 95g) - 29wks (6m)- (pregnant, due approx 17/3/12)
Leilani is 905g (loss 5g) - 37wks (8m)
Millicent is 850g (gain 15g) - 30wks (7m)
Phoebe is now 960g (same) - 46wks (10.5m)
Ruby is 1250g (gain 45g) - 50wks (11.5m)
Saskia is 770g (gain 50g) - 2yrs
Sparrow is 945g (loss 15g) - 47wks (11m)
Subi is 1130g (loss 30g) - 3yrs
Tigerlily is 730g (gain 20g) - 23wks (5m)
Violet is now 725g (gain 10g) - 33wks (7m)
Xeraphina is 890g (gain 60g) 21wks (5m)
Zinnia is 950g (gain 20g) - 23wks (5m) - (pregnant, due approx 9/3/12)

***New Mums***

Molly is 710g (loss 15g) - 29wks (6m) - (nursing)
Fynn is 160g (gained 70g) - 1wk
Felice is 115g (gained 30g) - 1wk

Elodie is 710g (gain 5g) - 31wks (7m)- (nursing)
Tallulah is 150g (gain 40g) - 2wks
Taye is 130g (gain 45g) - 2wks
Theo is 150g (gain 40g) - 2wks

Alice is 680g (loss 125g) - 1yr - (nursing)
Monty is 270g (gain 50g) - 4wks
Mirella is 305g (gain 60g) - 4wks

[Fynn, 2 weeks]

So all in all a bit of an up and down week this week. Lots of little losses, some big, concerning losses and yet some good gains too (especially with the younger ones). Not sure whats going on, but I wonder if the soggy weather has stressed them a bit because they can't access the grass as freely as they have been getting used to?!

[Monty, 4 weeks. Now with his new family]

Monty (above) and Dash (very first pic) went home with their new families on Saturday. And on Friday, Peppa, Romeo, Tabitha, Twizzle, Henry, Peanut and Ginger traveled all the way up to Rockhampton to meet their new Family. And Pluto and a little visiting bub from another stud traveled up to Townsville. All in all a busy few days!

[Mirella, 4 weeks]

Lavender and Zinnia are now inside awaiting the birth of their litters. I'm a little surprised at how early Lavender's pelvis has started to open though, and am keeping an extra close eye on her. I might have gotten my dates WAY wrong, but I wasn't expecting her litter until the middle of next month. Both litters are fathered by Romeo, so will be Liam's grandchildren!

[Tallulah, 2.5 weeks]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weigh In

[Dash, looking fantastic!]

The weigh in for Saturday the 18th Feb 2012:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 960g (gain 40g) - 46wks (10.5m)
Pollyanna is now 720g (gained 25g) - 16wks (4m)
Nixie is 670g (gained 60g) - 15wks (3.5m)

*** Romeo's Roost ***
Romeo is 670g (gain 10g) - 21wks (5m)
Peanut is 270g (gain 45g) - 7wks (1.5m)
Henry is 305g (gain 50g) - 6wks (1m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 850g (gain 10g) - 29wks (6.5m)
Dash is 240g (gain 35g) - 3wks

*** Tex's Condo ***
Tex is 870g (gain 40g) - 2.5yrs
Savannah is 890g (gain 35g) - 1.5yrs
Jasmine is 655g (gain 30g) - 23wks (5.5m)
Ivy is 890g (gain 45g) - 22wks (5m)

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Bella-Donna is 690g (gain 40g) - 13wks (3m)
Chloe is 730g (gain 35g) - 21wks (5m)
Crumble is 825g (gain 30g) - 1.5yr
Custard is 960g (loss 30g) - 5yrs
Delilah is 1000g (gain 50g) - approx 1yr
Eirwyn is 450 (gain 25g) - 9wks (2m)
Galaxy is 1195g (gain 115g)- 1 year old - (pregnant, due approx 24/3/12)
Ginger is 1190g (gain 30g)- 49wks (11.5m)
Gizelle is 780g (gain 20g) - 1.5yrs
Hannah is 260g - 5wks (1m)
Indigo is 695g (gain 40g) - 25wks (5.5m)
Isla is 710g (gain 40g) - 25wks (5.5m)
Kumiko is 275g (gain 30g) - 7wks (1.5m)
Lacey is 445g (gain 25g) - 10wks (2.5m)
Lavender Mist is 990g (gain 60g) - 28wks (6m)- (pregnant, due approx 17/3/12)
Leilani is 910g (gained 35g) - 36wks (8m)
Millicent is 8355g (gain 40g) - 29wks (7m)
Peppa is 895g (gain 165g) - 1yr
Phoebe is now 960g (gain 30g) - 45wks (10m)
Ruby is 1205g (gain 60g) - 49wks (11.5m)
Saskia is 720g (first weigh in) - 2yrs
Subi is 1160g (gain 40g) - 3yrs
Tabitha is 625g (gain 30g) - 17wks (4m)
Tigerlily is 710g (gain 30g) - 22wks (5m)
Twizzle is 825g (gain 5g) - 22wks (5m)
Violet is now 715g (gain 15g) - 32wks (7m)
Xeraphina is 830g (gain 60g) 20wks (4.5m)
Zinnia is 930g (gain 45g) - 22wks (5m) - (pregnant, due approx 9/3/12)

***New Mums***

Molly is 735g (gave birth) - 28wks (6m) - (nursing)
Fynn is 90g (gained 10g) - newborn
Felice is 85g (lost 5g) - newborn

Elodie is 705g (gain 15g) - 30wks (6.5m)- (nursing)
Tallulah is 110g (gain 40g) - 1wk
Taye is 85g (gain 30g) - 1wk
Theo is 110g (gain 40g) - 1wk

Sparrow is 960g (gain 15g) - 46wks (10.5m) - (nursing)
Pluto is 250g (gain 85g) - 2wks

Alice is 805g (gain 10g) - 1yr - (nursing)
Monty is 220g (gain 65g) - 3wks
Mirella is 245g (gain 70g) - 3wks

So we managed another weigh in this week. Along with baths for everyone! (easier said than done!). Its incredible how some pigs will just sit there and accept the water - while others do everything in their power to GET OUT - including trying to claw up my forearm!

I am relived to see Tex and Savannah put on weight this week. Lets hope that continues. And a special mention needs to go out to little Pluto, who at only 2 weeks old already weighs that of the average 4-5week old. We do seem to breed them big around here though...

We have a confirmed pregnancy for Galaxy, who has been keeping Malakai company for the last few months. I've estimated her due mid March. These bubs should be incredible.

[Hannah - one of our new girls]

We also got two new girls during the week - Saskia, the white/roan sheba, and Hannah (an alpaca x, with a pseudo Peruvian coat).

[Saskia, our other new girl]

I think I'm beginning to see a pattern in Peppa's weight gain/loss too. And it seems to be only when she's not pregnant/nursing, which makes me think it's related to her reproductive system. She will drop a lot of weight quite suddenly (think 100-200g in a week), seem totally fine otherwise, then just as suddenly put it all back on again the following week.

At first I thought it was my scales playing up. But I was only getting these odd results from the one pig - and weighing them All on the same scales. Then she fell pregnant, and her weight only slowly increased, as you'd expect. It stayed fairly stable while she was nursing, then went back to the drop/gain pattern this fortnight. I can't be sure what it is exactly, but it's worth keeping an eye on her, and worth mentioning to her new family who are planning to meet her next week!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Molly's babies

It got all the way to Friday before I realised that I didn't post about Molly's babies - born on Monday the 13th!

She had two little cuties fathered by Malakai:

This is Fynn, he's a gold and white Peruvian who is going to end up with one hell of a coat! He weighed in at 80g.

And this is Felice, she's a cream and white sheltie. Both Malakai and Molly have sheltie in their past (Molly's mum is our gorgeous black and gold sheltie 'Crumble' and Malakai has thrown a few sheltie/coronet bubs so far, so most likely had one sheltie parent).

Friday, February 10, 2012

And we're weighing in again!

(Peanut - 6 weeks)

The weigh in for Friday the 10th Feb 2012:
(can you believe it's been nearly a month since we've been able to do a weigh in!?)

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 920g (gain 30g) - 45wks (10.5m)
Isla is 670g (gain 25g) - 24wks (5.5m)
Indigo is 655g (gain 60g) - 24wks (5.5m)

*** Romeo's Roost ***
Romeo is 660g (loss 50g) - 20wks (5m)
Peanut is 225g (gain 65g) - 6wks (1m)
Henry is 255g (gain 85g) - 5wks (1m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 840g (loss 15g) - 28wks (6.5m)
Galaxy is 1080g (loss 20g)- 1 year old

*** Tex's Condo ***
Tex is 830g (loss 120g) - 2.5yrs
Savannah is 855g (loss 45g) - 1.5yrs
Jasmine is 625g (gain 25g) - 22wks (5.5m)
(I'm seriously hoping this is just adjustment stress, will have to keep a closer eye on Tex and Savannah I think).

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Bella-Donna is 650g (gain 75g) - 12wks (2.5m)
Chloe is 695g (gain 75g) - 20wks (5m)
Custard is 990g (gain 10g) - 5yrs
Delilah is 950g (gain 35g) - approx 1yr
Eirwyn is 425g - 8wks (2m)
Ginger is 1160g (gain 100g)- 48wks (11m)
Gizelle is 760g - 1.5yrs
Ivy is 845g (gain 85g) - 21wks (5m) - pregnant, due approx 24/3/12)
Kumiko is 245g - 6wks (1m)
Lacey is 420g (gain 100g) - 9wks (2m)
Lavender Mist is 930g (gain 180g) - 27wks (6m)- (pregnant, due approx 17/3/12)
Leilani is 875g (gained 95g) - 35wks (8m)
Millicent is 795g (gain 40g) - 28wks (7m)
Molly is 895g (gain 155g) - 27wks (6m) - (Pregnant, due approx 24/2/12)
Nixie is 610g (gained 105g) - 14wks (3m)
Peppa is 895g (loss 140g) - 1yr
Phoebe is now 930g (gain 45g) - 44wks (10m)
Pollyanna is now 695g (gained 105g) - 15wks (3.5m)
Ruby is 1145g (gain 65g) - 48wks (11m)
Subi is 1120g (loss 55g) - 3yrs
Tabitha is 595g (gain 40g) - 16wks (4m)
Tigerlily is 680g (gain 40g) - 21wks (5m)
Twizzle is 820g (gain 75g) - 21wks (5m)
Violet is now 700g (gain 50g) - 31wks (7m)
Xeraphina is 770g (gain 70g) 19wks (4.5m)
Zinnia is 885g (gain 190g) - 21wks (5m) - (pregnant, due approx 9/3/12)

(Mirella - 2 weeks)

***New Mums***

Elodie is 690g (gave birth) - 29wks (6.5m)- (nursing)
Tallulah is 70g - newborn
Taye is 55g - newborn
Theo is 80g - newborn

(Taye - 2 days)

Sparrow is 945g (gave birth) - 45wks (10m) - (nursing)
Pluto is 165g (gain 65g) - 1 week

Alice is 795g - 1yr - (nursing)
Monty is 155g (gain 70g) - 2wks
Mirella is 175g (gain 70g) - 2 wks

Crumble is 795g (gave birth) - 1.5yr - (nursing)
Safari is 170g (gain 85g) - 2wks
Dash is 205g (gain 115g) - 2wks

(Safari - 2 weeks)

(Monty - 2 weeks)

So a few new confirmed pregnancies this week, Ivy (to Liam), and Lavender and Zinnia (to Romeo). Babies will be due mid March.

Everyone seems to have done ok over the month of no weighing in. I am a little concerned about Tex and Savannah. I wonder if they're not settling in very well, or if something else is going on? And Peppa has had a decent drop in weight too. Everyone got their regular ivermec treatment today too, which was probably a bit overdue. We'll see if that helps Tex a bit, under all that hair were some hidden lice. He's since had a trim and should be feeling a bit more comfortable.

Elodie and her bubs are doing really well. I've kept them inside with me for a little longer after discovering just how tiny they really were (thanks to Kelly from Clover Cavies for the use of your scales yesterday!). They look really strong and active though. I think I'm just a little on edge after loosing my first two babies post-birth last week in nearly a decade.

We've also moved Molly inside. She has dilated very quickly. I don't know if that means bubs soon, or if she's going to sit like that for another week yet!? Who knows. Back to half hourly labour checks for me though! lol

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elodie's Babies

Elodie delivered four big gold agouti babies somewhere between 1-1:30pm this afternoon. I walked in just after 1:30 and found them. One little girl hadn't survived birth. We do have two surviving boys and another little girl; Taye, Tallulah and Theo:


My scales are still broken at the moment, so I couldn't weigh the babies, but it is obvious that little Taye is the runt of this litter. He is significantly smaller than his siblings, but looking well otherwise. Liam is the father of these babies, so with Taye's crest, he will grow up to look just like a coronet with his gorgeous gold ticked face and long black hair that will grow to the ground.


Little Tallulah has the same colouring as the rest of her siblings, but with some patches of plain gold mingled with the agouti. She has her mum's rosettes and will end up looking quite sheba-mini-yak as an adult. At this stage I'm thinking she will stay here. She's just won me over!


And Mr Theo - also a coronet (with the crest on his head), and also the gold agouti. He has the gold band down one shoulder though, which will probably grow much like a streak of gold when his coat reaches full length.

So far everyone looks healthy and strong. Fingers crossed we've seen the last of the deaths for a while.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RIP Dante

Dante appeared to be doing fantastically. He spent some time with my hubby and I last night and was running all over us, and so enthusiastic and just 'well' looking.

Then I found him this morning. He had passed away sometime overnight.

I don't really understand what went wrong. I have spoken to other breeders about babies that fail to thrive, and 99% of them don't survive longer than a few days/weeks.

My theory is that there was some kind of congenital issue with one of Dante's organs - maybe heart, maybe digestive system, could have been a combo even? And that despite our best efforts, his organs failed him quite suddenly, and he passed away.

I've had to break the news to his prospective new family, and that now leaves Dash as the sole survivor of that little family. But Dash is really doing very well. He is fat, and strong and not taking any supplemental feedings from me at all anymore. I think he is perfect.

I took a little video of Dante's enthusiasm at meal time on monday night, and only got around to looking at it yesterday. Here is the link if you feel up to it. It's a bit dark, and a bit blurry - but the best I got.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's going on around here!?

No weigh in again!? What's going on...?

Broken scales! lol. This week I really wanted to get on top of the weigh in (after last week was cancelled due to not wanting to risk spreading piggy pneumonia), but alas - the scales will not work. I have given them a pretty hard run over the last 12 months though, so it's not really surprising.

But until the new set arrive, the piggies will remain un-weighed.

Which is also particularly frustrating with Yeti's boys. The last time I weighed them they had gained since they lost their mum (due to being taken in my foster-mum Crumble, and through numerous hand-feeding sessions), but Dante still seems too tiny. The boys are almost 2 weeks old now, and Dante looks like a newborn. Dash is HEAPS bigger than him now too (see pic above, taken this afternoon compared to the pic of them as newborns). But in all other aspects he's doing great. I grabbed some update pics of him drinking his milk today - it was the only way to get him to sit still! He's such a gorgeous little thing.

We also have a new arrival to mention - Sparrow delivered two gorgeous big lilac and cream babies two days ago (2nd feb), some time in the early hours of the morning. The bigger baby (130g) didn't make it. I don't know if she got stuck, or if Sparrow just didn't realise she needed to take the sack off her, or if she was busy cleaning the little boy and ignored the girl...? Who knows. It just seems to be something we're getting a lot of at the moment - perfect, gorgeous little babies not surviving birth.

The little man who did survive is just stunning though. A funky mix of cream and lilac, with a big white crest. Malakai is the daddy (I put Sparrow in with him as a last ditch effort to allow her to have a litter before her window of opportunity closed due to age - and he obviously did what Liam wasn't able to!).

I've called him 'Pluto', and he just seems to have the most gentle little spirit. I have a hunch that he may end up with a coat more like his dad's (long) than his mum's classic short coat. I do know that Sparrow's brother produced a baby that now has a coat like a sheltie, so there is definitely some longer-haired genetics in their past. It would not surprise me to see this little guy with a very unusual coat if it does get long, as he has a strange rosette placement that makes him appear to have a ridge back. It almost looks like I've fluffed him up - but this is just how his hair sits (this pics were taken today and he's 2 days old).

He seems to be enjoying hanging out with Alice's 3 bubs in the big cage, and will quite possibly be joined with some new babies from Elodie shortly, who appears to be going to deliver a little earlier than I estimated.