Monday, June 22, 2015

One Huge Bubba

Last week Betty delivered one LARGE baby boy weighing in at 130g. He is stunning in a deep black with hints of gold through his fur and a big white nose. A week later (see photo below) and he's already tipped the 200g mark and takes up my whole hand!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bubs going to their new homes.

 Little Harry is now nearly 2 months old and went to his new home with his brother today. He is such a pretty pig! They are going to be absolutely treasured in a well set up inside cage.

This little guy below also has a new home lined up for a few weeks time, buddying up to an older boy. He is 11 days old in this photo.

And this curly little cotton-ball went to her new home today as well. We paired her up with curly-sue, so her new mum now has a duo of curly white goodness to enjoy! Keeping curly-coated white pigs clean is the biggest challenge! Thankfully this little bub has a gold-roan patch on her bum so any staining wont be quite so obvious!