Friday, July 24, 2015

Pigs available for adoption

One of the interesting quirks I've noticed through my decades of cavy care is that baby guinea pigs really do rely quite heavily on the adults in their social group for their sense of wellbeing and safety. Not just their mums, but aunties, older sisters and even the geriatric members of the group (if they'll tollerate their annoying and energetic baby behaviours!).

For that reason we have paired up some of our beautiful baby girls with some of our young adult ladies, and are offering them for adoption to the right homes. PLEASE NOTE that all of these gorgeous guinea pigs are long-coated (excepting 'Lucy' who is abysinian x) and will require some coat maintenance. All of these girls currently live harmoniously in our female community hutch, so could certainly be adopted as a group as well.

Quinn and Bee - Quinn is approx 8 months old and peruvian coated. She is gold agouti and white with dark eyes. Bee is 4 weeks old and gold agouti and gold. She is sheba coated.

Pecan and Toffee - Pecan is approx 9 months old and a stunning chocolate agouti sheba-coated girl. She is the most highly strung of the girls, and will require a family who are confident with slightly more nervous guinea pigs. Toffee is a very relaxed gold agouti and gold sheba coated 4 week old. We're hoping her relaxed nature rubs off on Pecan.

Buttons and Hannah - Buttons is approx 14 months old and a lemon agouti sheba⁄peruvian coated girl (not quite enough rosettes to be a sheba, too many to be a peruvian!). Hannah is a 4 week old gold agouti sheba bubba.

Lucy and Honey - Lucy is approx 10 months old and very pretty with her predominantly white coat with agouti eye patches. Honey is 4 weeks old and gold agouti sheba coated.

PLEASE NOTE that none of these girls come with pedigree paperwork, they are just happy, healthy (and chubby!) little pets. Ideally we're looking for adoptive homes that have done their research into caring for longcoated guinea pigs, and intend to bring these girls into their homes and lives. Price is $35 per pig, viewing and pickup is at Wamuran (Qld, 4512). You can call/txt me on 0418774801, or email to 

We also have four baby boy guinea pigs available for adoption. Ideally we'd like to see them adopted in pairs (they currently all live together very happily so could certainly be adopted as a happy little group as well).

The alpaca boy is lilac, white and gold and is 8weeks old this weekend. He has a stunning coat that will continue to grow throughout his life and will need trimming and maintanence. Google alpaca guinea pigs to see what he will look like in full coat - this really is a spectacular breed. He is a very docile, placid little man.

'Bilbo' is a black and gold sheba-coated 4 week old boy. His coat will also continue to grow throughout his life and will stick out in all directions. Sheba guinea pigs in full coat are also a sight to behold. Bilbo has a little more spunk to his personality!

'Frodo' is a tri-agouti sheba coated boar who is a few days younger then Bilbo. His colouring is so pretty, and in full crazy-long coat he will look gorgeous.

and 'Peregrin' is also tri-agouti (golden) and also sheba-coated. Please note though that these boys do not come with pedigree paperwork. They are very healthy, very handsome pets and we would like to see them go to homes that will bring them inside and who have researched caring for longer coated cavies.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Long coated babies growing up

This little man here is our 5 week old lilac-tri colour alpaca. He has a lovely coat, not as dense as I would like to see, but still very pretty nonetheless. He is a very gentle natured little guy as well, and we plan to pair him up with a younger boy in the next few weeks.

These are some of our young sows we are keeping. Above is a lilac, gold and white peruvian sow. Below is a tri-agouti peruvian sow. And just below her is a black, gold and white peruvian sow (this one has the most spectacular coat!)

The little lady above is a lilac, gold and white sheba-coated sow. And the two little ladies below are alpaca sows. Their coats are coming along very nicely as well, even the white/gold/roan sow (and she is staying surprisingly clean! You can see a little discoloration around the base of her coat, but nothing too bad yet.)