Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking for new homes

We've made the decision within the Sirocco Stud to focus more on our pedigree texels, pedigree shelties and developing our curly-shebas. This means that some of our stunning pigs will be looking for new homes.

We have the gorgeous Malakai above. Lilac, cream and white sheba-coated boy, approx 18months old.

Hannah - approx 9 months old. Aby x Alpaca sow. 

Elodie - our black sheba-coated girl. Also approx 18months old. 

Cherub, Aby x Sheba, dark-eyed buff girl. Approx 7 months old. 

Baby Luken - Dark-eyed Buff boy. Approx 2 weeks old. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bucket of Babies

I was moving all the babies to the grass pen today and thought I'd quickly take a moment to get a photo of the rainbow of colours and coat types. How gorgeous are baby piggies!?!

From left to right around the box we have:
 'Evony' - gold agouti coronet, 
'Vijay' - lilac and white sheba, 
Vesper - lilac and cream sheba, 
Elijah - gold agouti sheltie, 
Bronx - cream, cream agouti and white sheba, 
Luken - buff smooth-coat, 
Ladee - red and white roan aby, 
Leiko - cream and white smooth coat, 
Evangeline - gold agouti and white sheba, 
Bliss - cream, cream agouti and white texel, 
Elsbeth - Tri-colour sheba, 
Valiant - lilac sheba, 
Blessing - chocolate, white and cream roan curly-coated sheba and 
Bambi - white and cream curly-coated sheba! 

Cherub's Trio of bubs

Our sweet (and slightly crazy) Cherub delivered three big babies on Tuesday evening, 21st August 2012. Sebastian (our texel boy) is their daddy. 

This is 'Ladee' - red and white roan aby-coated girl. The above photo was taken when she was a few hours old, and the photo below was taken today. She's now 5 days old. 

This princess is 'Leiko', a white and cream smooth-coated girl. She may end up sheltie coated, or may end up short coated. 

And this is the little man of the litter - little Luken. He is a buff smooth coat, but looks more cream in his updated photo. I think this is just the lighting on that image though, as he's definitely a darker/more yellow shade than cream. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Mumma 'Elodie'

So I've finally uploaded the photos of all 11 babies born to Tallulah, Elodie and Millicent over the 14-15th of August. All bubs are doing really well!

Mumma 'Tallulah'. 

And Mumma 'Milli' 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 babies born in 28hrs!

We've just had a MASSIVE couple of days, kicked off yesterday (14th August) at 7am with Elodie delivering 4 stunning bubs during breakfast. 

Then Tallulah delivering 4 amazing babies at 10m this morning (15th August) while we had visitors picking up piggy food and viewing Elodie's bubs!

Then Milli delivering 3 gorgeous lilac boys at approx 11:30am while we were having lunch today! 
(the pic above is of Milli's 3 boys and one of Elodie's cheeky girls getting her bum in the shot!)

All bubs have found homes. But if you'd like to check out all the details and photos feel free to visit our Sirocco Cavy Stud Facebook page. I'll be uploading their individual pics over the next few days, but really need to get some sleep after all this excitement! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Crumble and Blaise's purebred Sheltie bubs

Crumble and Blaise welcomed their first litter together on Friday the 3rd August 2012. (Crumble is above and Blaise is below. Crumble is purebred Sheltie while Blaise is pedigree sheltie)

This little lady is 'Raven'. She is self-black and is going to look amazing in full coat! Her newborn photo is above and her 9-day-old update pic is below. 

And this is 'Riaz' - a stunning rainbow mix of black, gold and white. Those splashes of colour will turn into streaks as his coat grows. His newborn pic us above and his 9-day pic below. 

And now the lovely 'Roseclere'. She is Gold Agouti and White, and is a cheeky little miss! (newborn photo above, 9-day old photo below)

And lastly, Mr 'Rowdy' - he is mostly gold agouti with a splash of white and gold. A very handsome man. (newborn pic above, 9-day-old update pic below.) 

And  couldn't resist this sweet shot of Crumble with her newborn bubs! She's one of my best mumma pigs, so attentive and protective. These babies are getting very well cared for under her expertise! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

And update on Alice's balding bubs


 I've been taking photos of the babies every few days or so, to allow me to keep an eye on what's happening to their coats. This was Constance at 2 days old (above), with a nice coat of curls.

At 4 days old. Pretty much completely bald and quite pink at this stage!

6 days old. You can see how the hair is just starting to re-grow. 

At 8 days old. Looking kind of sweet now!


Little Cuba at 2 days old - still with all of his hair.

His hair was a bit more shaggy looking and took slightly longer to all fall out. Both bubs lost their coats in the exact same pattern though. Complete loss over the body and belly. With remaining tufts on the feet, around the eyes and nose and a little tuft on the top of the head between the ears! 

Cuba at day 6, you can see his hair is starting to grow back in here. 

And Cuba at 8 days. Definitely better coat coverage now. 

We still don't know why this happened to these bubs. I don't know if it would have happened to all of the 5 babies born in this litter, and we'll never know. Now we just have to wait and watch as these bubs grow older.