Thursday, August 9, 2012

And update on Alice's balding bubs


 I've been taking photos of the babies every few days or so, to allow me to keep an eye on what's happening to their coats. This was Constance at 2 days old (above), with a nice coat of curls.

At 4 days old. Pretty much completely bald and quite pink at this stage!

6 days old. You can see how the hair is just starting to re-grow. 

At 8 days old. Looking kind of sweet now!


Little Cuba at 2 days old - still with all of his hair.

His hair was a bit more shaggy looking and took slightly longer to all fall out. Both bubs lost their coats in the exact same pattern though. Complete loss over the body and belly. With remaining tufts on the feet, around the eyes and nose and a little tuft on the top of the head between the ears! 

Cuba at day 6, you can see his hair is starting to grow back in here. 

And Cuba at 8 days. Definitely better coat coverage now. 

We still don't know why this happened to these bubs. I don't know if it would have happened to all of the 5 babies born in this litter, and we'll never know. Now we just have to wait and watch as these bubs grow older.

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