Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bucket of Babies

I was moving all the babies to the grass pen today and thought I'd quickly take a moment to get a photo of the rainbow of colours and coat types. How gorgeous are baby piggies!?!

From left to right around the box we have:
 'Evony' - gold agouti coronet, 
'Vijay' - lilac and white sheba, 
Vesper - lilac and cream sheba, 
Elijah - gold agouti sheltie, 
Bronx - cream, cream agouti and white sheba, 
Luken - buff smooth-coat, 
Ladee - red and white roan aby, 
Leiko - cream and white smooth coat, 
Evangeline - gold agouti and white sheba, 
Bliss - cream, cream agouti and white texel, 
Elsbeth - Tri-colour sheba, 
Valiant - lilac sheba, 
Blessing - chocolate, white and cream roan curly-coated sheba and 
Bambi - white and cream curly-coated sheba! 

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