2011 Nursery


The last litter for 2011:

Leilani and Malakai welcomed their first litter on Wednesday the 28th Dec 2011. The birth was assisted, and FIVE gorgeous little babies made their way into the world between 1-1:45pm.

First Born:
'Pudding', weighing in at 100g. He is a tri-colour cream, white and black Sheltie.

Second Born:
'Puddles', weighing in at 90g. He is a tri-colour, mostly cream and white, but with a tiny patch of choc on his shoulders. He has the rosettes and the longhair genetics, meaning he will most likely end up looking 'Sheba Mini Yak' like his daddy.

Third Born:
'Promise', weighing in at 90g as well. She is a tri-colour blend of chocolate, cream and white. Also with the rosetted coat that will mean she grows up looking Sheba-Mini-Yak.

Fourth Born:
'Peanut', the runt at only 55g. He has been born with a head tilt, which may have been due to being crushed by his siblings as he grew. He is a very pretty mix of gold, chocolate and white.

Fifth Born:
'Panda', weighing in at 100g. Panda is a tri-colour as well, but with mostly choc and white markings, and just a touch of cream on her jawline. She has the crest of her mum, and will grow up looking just like a coronet.


Rafia, our rescue girl from our September mum/baby case, had her own babies last night. She was a tiny little thing at only 3 months old herself, but did an incredible job birthing quietly on her own at about 10:30pm on the 3rd Dec 2011. Daddy to the babies is unknown, but will be one of the males she was housed with.

This is Jairo. He weighed in at 105g, and is a stunning red/ginger and white Satin short-coat. The Satin gene is recessive, and I do occasionally see if pop up, especially if there has been a little bit of line-breeding (daughter back to dad, etc), as it makes it more likely that the right genes will match up. 'Satin' just means that his hair shafts are hollow, allowing for a gleam/shine to the individual stands, and the coat as a whole.

And this is Juji. She weighed in at 110g and is also red/ginger and white. She too will be a short-coated guinea pig. She has a really similar colouring to her mum and her grandma.


Ginger and Liam welcomed their first litter together on Wed the 30th Nov 2011. Unfortunately, Ginger was carrying a very large litter of 5 babies, and as a first time mum, simply couldn't handle delivery properly and three babies were not cleaned fast enough. The surviving two babies were named Grace and Gypsy:

This is Grace, mostly white with cream and cream agouti eye patches with her mum's Abyssinian coat. She weighed in at 90g.

And this is Gypsy. She has her mum's coat and vibrant ginger face, with some golden agouti and white over her backside. She weighed in at 100g.


Tiny little pet-shop rescue Lulu had two big baby girls at about 5am on Friday the 25th November 2011. The dad is unknown.

This is Amity, a roan-marked smooth coat. She weighed in at 120g.

And this is Anthea, a black and gold brindle marked smooth coat. She weighed 110g.


Bonnie delivered two gorgeous big baby girls in the early hours of Tuesday the 22nd Nov 2011. Liam is the father of these two little ladies, and it was nice to get a more female dominated litter sired by him!

This is Bella-Donna. She weighed 125g and is a mix of gold, white and gold agouti (black base, gold tips). Her eventual coat-type is unknown as she is a half-half mix of pedigree texel to purebred rex!

This is Bethanie. She weighed 150g and is a mix of cream, white and lemon agouti (black base, cream tips). As with her sister, her eventual coat-type is unknown as she too is a half-half mix of pedigree texel to purebred rex!


Phoebe delivered four big, beautiful purebred texel babies at approximately 6:30am on Thursday the 10th November 2011. Father of the babies is a self-cream purebred texel. Unfortunately two cream and white girls had passed away before I found them, weighing in at 60g, and 80g. The surviving babies were one boy we've called Noah, and one girl we've called Nixie.

Noah weighed in at 75g. He's a chocolate and buff purebred texel.

Nixie weighed in at 90g. She's a black, cream and white purebred texel, with possible roaning throughout her coat.


Kobe delivered 4 gorgeous big babies at approx 6am on Friday the 7th October 2011. These babies are Sprout's first litter as well.

Olivia was the sole female of the litter, and weighed in at 80g.

Oscar is Olivia's double in nearly every way, also weighing in at 80g.

Onyx takes after his rex dad with his lovely curls, and is just stunning in black. He was the biggest baby at 95g.

And Otis is a sweet heart in white and agouti, weighing in at 80g.


Ruby delivered four gorgeous big healthy baby boys starting at about 12:30pm and finishing at about 1:30pm on sunday the 2nd October 2011. I was able to witness, and film the birth of the fourth baby (Rollo). The daddy is Liam, and all four boys have their parents stunning thick curls. At this stage the eventual full length of the hair is unknown, but with Ruby's mother being a pedigree texel, I'm guessing we might see a bit of length on the boys as adults.

This is Rollo, he weighed in at 100g.

This is Rudy, weighing in at 90g.

Ryder weighed in at 95g.

and Romeo weighed in at 100g.


Alice and Liam welcomed their first litter on the 30/9/2011 at approx 1pm. There were four babies born, but the second boy was found stillborn. The remaining babies are two girls: Cleo and Chloe, and one boy: Cricket. All three have Liam's trademark cream, white and cream agouti colouring.

Chloe is the runt of the litter weighing in at a tiny 55g. She appears to have her daddy's curls, and will stay here at the caviary.

Cleo was the biggest surviving baby, weighing in at 75g. She has the 'abbyruvian' coat of her mother, and will most probably have Liam's hair length.

And little Cricket weighed in at 70g. He too has the abbyruvian-looking coat like Cleo. The tufts, combined with Liam's length may result in a somewhat mini-yak hair style, or even a little peruvian-ish for both him and Cleo!?


Galaxy (black and white (magpie) Abyssinian x) delivered a litter of four cream agouti babies boys at 3pm on Friday the 23rd September 2011. I was present the for birth of the last two. Father of these babies is Liam, our Pedigree gold and gold agouti texel stud. All four babies are cream and cream agouti. Two will most likely end up looking like Shelties (but genetically will carry the curly/texel gene), and two will most likely end up looking a little like Sheba Mini Yaks (long tufted hair).

Jarvis, weighed 95g at birth:

Jax, weighed 105g at birth:

Jethro, weighed 100g at birth:

and Jonah, weighed 75g at birth:


Sheba (cream, white and slate peruvian) delivered a litter of three big boys in the early hours of Sunday the 28th August 2011. Father of these babies is Liam, our Pedigree gold and gold agouti texel stud. All three babies are cream, cream agouti and white, and will most likely end up looking like Shelties (but genetically will carry the curly/texel gene).

Bear, weighed 125g at birth:

Ben, weighed 110g at birth:

Bodie, weighed 100g at birth:


Crumble (black and gold sheltie) delivered a stunning litter in the early hours of Sunday the 14th August 2011. Father of the babies was a pure-bred Peruvian called Reid. There was one little ginger and white Peruvian-ish girl (Molly) and two black and ginger Sheltie boys (Mason and Mika). Molly may end up looking a little more 'Sheba Mini Yak' yet, only time will tell.

Mason, weighed 105g at birth:

Mika, weighed 85g at birth:

Molly, weighed 105g at birth:


Subi (golden agouti rex) delivered one huge 150g baby girl in the early hours of Tuesday the 31st May 2011. The Father is a pedigree agouti rex male from Subi's original owner (she would have been about 3-4weeks pregnant when we bought her home). Apparently little Bonnie looks a lot like her daddy too.