My Boys


'BORIS' - long coated tri-agouti roan boar. Born early 2014


'AXEL' - born Jan 2015 - son of Boris.


'OHANA THE LUCKY ONE' - pedigree sheltie boar. 

'DANTE' - lilac and gold argent with white alpaca boar - born Nov 2013. 



*** Please note these are just some of our PAST boars. We no longer have a breeding program here at Sirocco and as such no longer house any males on-site. If you are local, and looking for a quality pedigree texel as a foundation boar for your own stud, you can contact Ohana Cavy Stud (based on the northside of Brisbane, Qld, AUSTRALIA) as they have taken ownership of a number of our pigs ***


This boar was our last additon to the stud - 'Hazelron Romeo'. A GORGEOUS gold agouti and gold pedigree texel boar.



And this little guy was one of our home-bred bubs. His name is 'Sirocco Amadeus' and he was born to Sirocco Opal x Hazelron Romeo on the 10th March 2013. He is Pedigree Texel.



This little dude was a COMPLETE surprise package - our first ever satin pedigree texel. He was born on the 18th June 2013 to Sirocco Tiiva and Hazelron Romeo.



This little beauty is 'Sirocco Mercury', born on the 1st August 2013 to our 'Indigo' x 'Hazelron Romeo'. He is a very bizarre colouring that is either lilac/buff argente, or perhaps a beige/saffron ? I really don't know! The only colouring other than the basic old 'gold agouti' mentioned in the predigrees for both his mum and dad is chocolate. SO I did assume 'Chocolate agouti' at first... but as he grows I'm just not sure. (If you think you know please leave me a message! lol).

What I do know is that I LOVE this colouring. It's so soft and pretty and looks incredible as the coat grows out. This little man is still only a baby in these photos.



This little guy is the full brother to Sirocco Mercury, also born on the 1st August 2013. He is gold agouti and gold.