Cuddle Sacks

I spend time at my sewing machine nearly everyday for our main business, so it seemed only natural for me to start sewing cuddle sacks and bedding for my pigs. I've purchased a few different styles, and designed a few different styles - but after actually using them each week, I've found these designs to be the most user-friendly.

If you see anything here that you'd like made up for your pigs, and you can't find anything ready-made in our store, send me a message ( and we'll see what we can do. We tend to sew in batches to make it economical - but you never know your luck ;)

The cuddle sacks are made from all new polar fleece, printed for the outside, plain on the inside and have an all new 100% cotton towelling absorbency insert in between the layers of fleece on the bottom of the sack. My sacks are designed mostly for use when having lap-time with your piggies. The cuddle sacks help the animals feel safe and secure, meaning they keep calm and get used to being handled without the scratching and unexpected wriggling out of your hands that can sometimes happen during this process. They're also really good to help kids get used to handling guinea pigs too. And the addition of the towelling layer helps keep laps dry (though, it's not fool proof and a piggy with a full bladder will probably soak through!).

I've made sure that all raw edges/seams are tucked up inside of the cuddle sack so that there is nothing sticking out for the curious piggy to chew on. The loop is included so that you can use the cuddle sack in the cage if you choose too - simply hook the loop onto a screw/hook in the cage to help keep the sack open so your piggies can come and go as they please.

The lining can be pulled right out so that any little deposits are easily removed, washing is easier and drying is faster. This also makes the cuddle sack fully reversible if you want to have a different look for a while too! They could be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle if you wanted (make sure you pull the lining right out and removed the deposits first though), or just rinse them off under the hose/tap outside and peg them out to dry.

My cuddle sacks are handmade in small batches, so certain colours may not always be available. To see what we have available please visit our webstore (and yes we can post worldwide):

Cavy Couches:

We've also recently added some new piggy bedding items to our list of creations. The newest designs are 'Cavy Couches' - as seen above.

Piggy Igloos:

And 'Plush Piggy Igloos' for pigs who prefer a bit more cover/privacy. Both of these new designs have fleece linings that can be flicked out to make cleaning so much easier (because we all know lazy pigs WILL poo and wee in their beds! Dirty little buggers!)

These items can also be found in our store. If you'd prefer to get busy and do a bit of sewing yourself you can also purchase the pattern for the Cavy Couch and Piggy Igloo (both designs in the one pattern document) in our etsy store.


The Guinea Pig 'Roll-Up' is another new idea for us and would be one of the items we use most frequently ourselves. They're incredibly versatile and work as a play item - a fun tunnel to run through (we actually pop them out in the grass pen for the pigs during the day). They can be a snuggly bed - because the guinea pig feels like it's in an enclosed space they feel safe and content. You can fold them out and use it as a cage liner, lap mat to catch poo/wee and prevent scratches and/or as a blanket as well.

They wash and wear really well - and in fact the ones we use outside rarely need washing as the guinea pigs usually only play by running through them, or they sleep in them with their butts sticking out the end and they don't get much wee on them at all. We have a good range of these handmade roll up's available on our website. 


And late last year we trialed piggy Hammocks too. It look my guys a little while to figure it out, but they're now a daily used bedding item. They LOVE them. And because they're suspended, I find they don't get very dirty at all.

We also have a small range of these in a variety of sizes available in our store too - and they come with 4 clips for easy attaching to your cage.