2012 Nursery



*** Our last litter for 2012 ***


Arabella delivered three gorgeous little ladies in the early hours of the 12th December. Each bub is a different colour, and each is stunning. Mabel is white, cream/agouti, Mirielle is lemon agouti/white and Mahogany is golden agouti, red and white.



On the 11th Dec at approx 9:30am, Genoveva went into labour and delivered her gorgeous pedigree Sheltie sows. We have a tri-colour (Sirocco Sundari) and a white/agouti (Sirocco Symphony).



Our sweet little pet sheba/peruvian looking girl 'Emma' delivered three gorgeous little bubs in the early hours of Friday the 7th December. We have a chocolate, cream and white sheba-coated boar (Yardley), a cream agouti, cream and white sheba-coated boar (Yoda) and a cream agouti and cream sheba-coated sow (Yolanda).



Our stunning little pedigree texel Sirocco Amethyst delivered two large, perfect babies at approx 9am on wednesday the 5th December. One little man and one little lady.



Our gorgeous Meadow delivered two big beautiful bubs a few hours after Cleo, also on the 4th Dec. One gorgeous richly coloured gold agouti sheltie sow and one vibrant dark-eyed gold sheba boar. Again, no curly sheba bubs as we'd hoped, but it's just a matter of odds. We'll try again in 6months with Meadow's next litter.



On Tuesday the 4th December 2012 Cleo delivered four gorgeous big babies all by herself. Malibu our lilac/gold argente sheltie boar was the daddy. These were his first babies. We got a texel boar, a texel sow, a sheltie sow and a sheba boar - all pets obviously. Nearly every genetic combination bar the one we were hoping for (curly sheba!). These are stunning bubs though, and very healthy.



Savannah went to day 75 of her pregnancy (usually the upper limit is 72 days). Because of the over-due-ness, we believe one of the babies died in utero about 3 days before the babies were actually born. The two surviving bubs look a lot like their father. One little boy 'Sirocco Capri' and one little lady 'Sirocco Chanel'.



Xeraphina woke me at 3am on tuesday the 23rd October 2012. By 3:15am the first bub was born, and by 3:35am it was all over. Four babies in total: 



Fleur delivered 4 gorgeous bubs on the 10th October 2012. Three little boys and one little lady: 



Our beautiful pet peruvian 'Molly' delivered 4 gorgeous big babies at approx 7pm on Friday the 5th October 2012. I discovered the birth just as bub no. 4 had arrived. Molly wasn't making attempts to clean him out of his sack either - so it was sheer luck that I chose that moment to check her. All 4 babies survived.

 Little Madeline is silver agouti and white with a strange rosetting pattern to her coat. She has the two 'peruvian' rump rosettes, a few across her shoulders, a crest but then the hair from her shoulders to her rump grows in the 'sheltie' direction. It will be interesting to see how the rump rosettes push the hair in this formation. Madeline is staying here and weighed in at 100g.

Macie is a tri-colour black, white and gold girl with a little black/gold brindling. She weighed in at 85g and has the most sheba-like rosette placement. 

This is Melba. She is a mix of gold, gold agouti and white, and weighed in at 100g. Her rosettes are kind of half way between peruvian and sheba -looking. Depending on her coat density, she could end up looking like either breed.

And lastly - the man of the litter - Myron. He is mostly black with some gold and white, and has a more peruvian rosette formation. He weighed in at 90g.



Mariella delivered two gorgeous little pedigree texel baby girls on Tuesday the 2nd October 2012. Mariella didn't end up with the best coat density, so with this pairing we were hoping Liam's over-abundance of density would even the resulting bubs out. Being two daughters, we will be keeping both girls to watch their coats grow in. 

Tlalli weighed in at a massive 120g and is a mix of gold, gold agouti and white - just like daddy. 

Tiiva was a lot smaller, weighing in at just 70g. She is mostly white with some hints of gold and gold agouti.



Willa delivered three big curly bubs to Sebastian at 5pm on Saturday the 22nd September 2012.

Calico was first born and weighed in at 85g. She is mostly white with black eye patches. She has the 'texel/rex' curly coat - no rosettes.

'Caesar' was second born, and also has the curly 'texel'/'rex' looking coat. He is a good mix of black and white and weighed in at 115g.

And this is Charlie - 3rd born. He is a mix of red, white and chocolate agouti (choc base, red tip). He has the curls and the rosettes. If he gets the coat length, he'll look 'curly-coated' sheba-ish.



Sweet little Pria delivered 2 big babies at approx 2:30pm on Sunday the 16th September. Exactly on her estimated due date :) 

'Isaac' weighed in at 110g. He is a lilac/cream argente and white curly-coated boar. Because both of his parents are texel x rex (mum has the texel coat and dad ended up with the fuzzy rex-coat), both bubs have a 50% chance of texel-looking coats and a 50% chance of fuzzy-rex coats. 

Imelda weighed in at 100g. Considering Pria only weighed 900g the day before she delivered these two, they were quite large in proportion to her size. Imelda also has the lilac/cream argente and white coat. 



Our new lady 'Clover' delivered one big 130g black/white roan sheltie boar on the 13th September 2012. Mason is the father, and this little man (named 'Oreo') is the perfect mix of his mum and dad.


Cherub delivered 3 gorgeous little babies at approx 4:30pm on the 21st August 2012. Two little ladies and one little man.

These photos are taken when the babies were 5 days old. The newborn ones were taken late at night and the lighting was dodgy! Leiko is a little white/cream smooth-coated girl. She may end up looking sheltie, or may just end up with a funky longer-bum-hair coat!

This little Miss is 'Ladee'. She is a red and white roan aby girl. She might end up looking sheba... it'll depend on what gene she inherited from mum!

And this is the little man - Mr Luken. He was a self-buff smooth coat. He looks cream in this pic... but he's definitely closer to buff - maybe a light buff, or a dark cream!?


Our very clever Millicent delivered 3 big lilac sheba bubs at about 11:30am on Wed 15th Aug 2012, only a hour or so after Tallulah delivered her bubs.

This big boy is 'Valiant', a dark lilac sheba-coated boar. He weighed in at 100g.

And this is 'Vesper', a lilac and cream sheba-coated boar, he weighed in at 80g.

And this is 'Vijay', a sweet lilac and white sheba boar. He weighed in at 100g. 



Our gorgeous Tallulah delivered her 4 stunning bubs at approx 10am on Wed 15th Aug 2012 to an audience of visitors who just so happened to be at our caviary collecting food! We got three stunning curly girls and a sheba-coated boy.

This little cherub is ' Bambi', our first curly-coated sheba baby born at the caviary. She is a mix of white, cream and a touch of agouti. She weighed in at 95g. 

And this is 'Bliss' a sweet little pet texel-coated girl. She is mostly cream and white with a touch of agouti as well. She weighed in at 80g.

This is 'Blessing', a second curly coated sheba bub! And another girl! She is a mix of chocolate/cream and white with lots of roaning. She weighed in at 100g.

And lastly we have the gorgeous 'Bronx', the only sheba bub in this litter. He is also mostly white and cream with some agouti on his face. He weighed in at 100g as well.



At approx 7am on Tuesday the 14th August 2012, Elodie started delivering her babies. We were eating breakfast when we heard a squeal from her cage. I rushed over to check her, and the first baby was out.

This little guy is 'Elijah'. He is a gold agouti sheltie and he weighed in at 90g.

This little sweetheart is 'Elsbeth', and she is a tri-colour gold, white and agouti sheba girl. 
She weighed in at 80g.

This stunner is 'Evangeline'. She is also a sheba-coated girl in a white/gold agouti mix. She weighed in at 90g.

And lastly we have 'Evony', a gold agouti coronet. She weighed in at 90g.



Crumble delivered 4 very big, healthy purebred Sheltie babies at about 12:30-1:00pm on Friday the 3rd August 2012. We've just walked back in the door from the grocery shop, and she delivered the last bub!

Above we have 'Raven', a self black sheltie sow. She weighed in at 90g.

This is 'Riaz'. He is a canvas of colour with a predominantly black body, big gold nose and splashes of gold and white all over him. He weighed in at 90g as well.

And this is 'Roseclere', the second sow in this litter. She has daddy's gold agouti and white colouring and will look gorgeous in full coat. She too weighed in at 90g.

And lastly our big boy 'Rowdy'. He weighed in at 95g and is also gold agouti, gold and white.



Alice delivered 5 stunning bubs to Sebastian on Wednesday the 31st July. I had not actually expected her to deliver so soon, and missed the birth. Two of the bubs were left with the sacks just over their mouths/noses, and didn't make it. Both D/E Whites, one boy, one girl. They were probably the bigger bubs in the litter as well. These were the surviving three.

 This is little 'Constance'. She's black/white with some roaning. She's also a curly-coated girl, looking very much like her half-sister Chloe did at birth. She was the heaviest survivor weighing in at 80g.

This little sweetheart was named 'Cheche', meaning 'small thing'. Sadly she did not survive her second day. She weighed in at a tiny 50g, which is really the borderline for survival with baby guinea pigs. She was a D/E white Abyssinian/Sheba coated girl.

And this is the little man of the litter, Mr 'Cuba'. He too is black and white, but has a bit of chocolate roaning. He has a smooth coat, and will either grow into a sheltie or a classic short haired adult. He weighed in at 65g.



Kumiko delivered two beautiful big rainbow bubs on the evening of the 16th July. One little boy and one little girl. 

This is 'Farrah', she is a tri-colour sheba-coated girl just like her mum. She weighed in at 95g. 

And this is little 'Finley'. He is a gold and white sheba-coated boy, weighing in at 110g. 



Our gorgeous 'Eirwyn' (Robyn's Nest Lacey) delivered three big pedigree texel bubs to Lavender Vale Tex on the evening of the 9th July 2012.

 Little Sirocco Colton - weighed in at 100g. He is mostly white with some patches of lemon agouti across his face. 

Sirocco Clove has got to be one of the darkest bubs we've had born here too (a lot darker than this pic shows). She's a golden agouti and weighed in at 100g as well.

And last, but not least is little Sirocco Cora (now renamed 'Ashanti' by her new family). She is Lemon Agouti and White like her brother, just showing more agouti markings. She weighed in at 110g. 



We discovered three gorgeous little men born to Indigo and Sebastian first thing on the morning of Thursday the 5th July 2012. These little boys are pedigree texel.

Sirocco Tao is a mix of white and a SUPER light silver agouti (black base, long white ticking). He weighed in at 100g. 

Sirocco Tobin is the odd one out in this litter in a warm gold agouti, gold and white. He weighed in at 85g. 

And this is Sirocco Texas. Named after his Granddad 'Tex'. He too is the light silver agouti and white. He weighed in at 95g.



Our funky pet alpaca x aby girl 'Hannah' delivered three gorgeous little ladies at approx 8am on Tuesday the 3rd July 2012. (Right on trying to get the kids out the door time! lol). She did a wonderful (if not a little vigorous) job with the bubs.

This is 'Magnolia'. She's a mix of silver agouti and white. She has the rosettes like mum, but coat length will not be able to be determined for a few more weeks yet. She weighed in at 90g.

This is 'Mirage'. She is also this 'silver' agouti colouring (that's not quite silver). All three bubs have the ruby eyes too. Mirage weighed in at 85g and has the rosettes. 

And this little one is 'Meadow'. She is the same colouring, same rosettes as her sisters. She weighed in at 80g. Mirage and Meadow are actually ridiculously tricky to tell apart now. I thought only Mirage had a white back leg, but they both do. They both have the same rosette placement and no other identifying features (one had a slightly lighter coloured nose at birth, but even this has darkened to look the same now!).



Tigerlilly delivered two gorgeous big texel babies sometime between 9am-12pm on Saturday the 30th June. Sebastian is the dad (you can see his white-genes shining through again!), and this guys are not papered, just pet-texels.

This is Eden - he's mostly white with just this big patch of silver/lilac agouti on his face. It's a bizarre colour that I can't quite find the correct name for! He weighed in at 115g.

And this is Elia. She is also mostly white, but has this big patch of black, and a little hint of gold on her other side. She weighed in at 110g.



Our beautiful Robyn's Nest Giselle delivered one large baby girl in the early hours of Tuesday the 26th June 2012. She weighed in at 140g and we called her 'Sirocco Arabella'. 



Bella Donna delivered 4 gorgeous little bubs on Friday the 22nd June 2012, sometime in the early hours of the morning. We ended up with three little ladies and one little man. Sebastian is the father of this litter, and his lighter colouring has shone through again! Bella is a rex/texel cross (pedigree texel dad, purebred rex mum), and Seb is pedigree texel - so these babies are as close to a clean '3/4' texel as is possible! As such, the eventual coat-types are a mystery. The bubs could end up with texel-looking coats, rex-looking coats or something half way between. Only time will tell. 

This little lady is Tiana. She is all white bar a tiny hint of colour on the ear shown in the pic, and has gorgeous dark eyes. She weighed in at 70g. 

This is Tosca. She is a mix of white, gold and a dilute chocolate agouti. She weighed in at 90g.

And this is the man of the litter - little Tundra. He is also 99% white with the dark eyes and just a hint of cream/gold by one of his ears. He weighed in at 95g. 

And lastly, this is little Taylee. She is a mix of gold, white and gold agouti, and weighed in at 80g. 



Sometime after 1:30am but before 6am on Wednesday the 20th June 2012, Leilani sneakily delivered three very big, gorgeous babies. I was quietly hoping to be able to get some ancestry/papers for Leilani (she comes from pedigree lines) to be able to paper the bubs, but this doesn't look likely at this stage. The bubs are still stunning examples of purebred texels and shelties. (Walters Sebastian Bear is the daddy).

This P/E white texel girl is 'Genoveva' and she weighed in at 110g. 

And this little guy is a P/E white sheltie boy we named 'Gideon'. He weighed in at 80g.

And lastly, this little guy is white/gold/roan texel boy we called 'Galahad' and he weighed in at 120g! 



English Rose Violet delivered two big bubs at about 10:30am on Wednesday the 13th June 2012. One little girl and one little boy. These are Blaise's first babies, and are pedigree sheltie.

 This is Sirocco Chase - gold agouti and white sheltie boy who weighed in at 110g. 

And this is Sirocco Charlotte - lemon agouti and white sheltie girl who weighed in at 105g. 



The gorgeous Isla delivered three beautiful baby girls on Sunday the 10th June 2012. We had been out all day, so came home to one deflated mumma pig and three new additions! This is Sebastian's second litter, and another litter of all girls! 

This little lady is Sirocco Adelina, pedigree texel in gold, white and gold agouti. She has almost perfectly symmetrical markings too! She weighed in at 75g.

This little lady is Sirocco Ariani. She is a cream, white and cream agouti pedigree texel. She weighed in at 80g.

And this little lovely is Sirocco Amethyst. She has patches of silver agouti and white and is pedigree texel too. She weighed in at 80g.



The gorgeous Lacey delivered two baby girls on Tuesday the 5th June 2012. She was very secretive about it, and we didn't find her bubs till later in the afternoon at dinner time! Three faces were looking out at us instead of one!

 This is 'Cookie Crumb' - she's a 'cream agouti, and cream purebred texel. She weighed in at 70g.

And this is 'Coco Frost', a golden agouti and white roan purebred texel girl. She weighed in at 110g and really does look like a frosted chocolate bar!



Sparrow delivered one large, 150g baby boy on Sunday the 3/6/12. He is silver agouti just like his mum and dad!



The gorgeous Saskia delivered 4 beautiful babies late on Saturday evening, the 2nd June 2012.

First born was Dove, a sheltie coated female in white/black and chocolate roan. She weighed in at 70g.

Second born was 'Diesel', a black and gold sheba coated male. He weighed in at 60g.

Third born was the stunning 'Diamond'. A lilac, gold and white sheba-coated female. She weighed in at 80g.

And lastly, fourth born was tiny 'Declan', weighing in at a petite 65g. Little Declan lost his fight for survival on the 6th June, at just a few days old. He was just unable to suckle properly, and did not take supplemental feeding well. He gave it his best shot, and will be missed.



I discovered this gorgeous little bundle of cuteness tucked under they hay with mum on thursday the 24th May 2012. He was a single bub, weighed in at a massive 130g and is perfection in silver agouti! My first pedigree texel in silver. He is the exact replica of his daddy too!

I've called him Sirocco Sterling. And I think he is going to have a very bright future!



Our Gorgeous girl Chloe (texel x) delivered her first baby, fathered by Malakai at approx 12:30am on Friday the 18th May 2012. I woke to hear her and bub squeaking, and found one HUGE, soggy little black and white bundle of cuteness sitting next to her. 

Meet 'Aria', black, white and cream sheba darling, weighing in at 130g! She has approx 8 rosettes evenly spaced across her middle, rump and sides, and with the coat quality of her parents I'm expecting her coat to be spectacular! 



Pollyanna delivered two very large baby boys at 3:30am on Friday the 11th May 2012. She woke me with a tiny peep of a squeal, and I knew we were ready to go. The first boy really scared her a lot when it moved after she'd delivered it - and she ran to the other side of the enclosure! Then there was a 20min wait until the second bub emerged - feet first! And she literally did a somersault trying to get him out. With a bit of gentle assistance, both bubs were born safely, airways cleared and Polly did the rest of the cleaning and bonding. Liam is the daddy, so we have a 50% chance of texel bubs, and a 50% chance of rex-coated bubs (mum is merino x rex).

This little guy (above) was named 'Taemin' by his new mum, and his brother (below) was named 'Haru'.



The gorgeous Glenjolie Savannah (above) and Lavender Vale Tex welcomed another litter together on Tuesday the 8th May 2012. Two little girlss, and one little boy!

Sirocco Oakley
(pet name 'Phantom')

Oakley weighed in at 100g. He is a mix of 'cream agouti', white and cream

Sirocco Oceana

A sweet little lady, just like her big sister Indigo, in cream and cream agouti. She weighed in at 75g.

Sirocco Opal

Beautiful big girl weighing in at 105g with her lovely rainbow coat of cream agouti, white and cream. 


SIROCCO NIXIE X GLENJOLIE LIAM (pedigree texel litter)

Sirocco Nixie delivered three gorgeous pedigree texel boys at approx 11am on Wednesday the 2nd May 2012. I was able to witness the birth of the last bub. Glenjolie Liam is the father. 

This is Sirocco Waverley. He weighed in at a 'petite' 85g (actually a really good, healthy weight for a newborn - just small for this litter!)

This is Sirocco Wellington. He weighed in at an even 100g. 

And this is Sirocco Wasabe. The big boy at 105g. 



At approx 10:30pm on Friday the 20th April 2012 Ruby delivered three gorgeous big curly coated bubs. This is her second litter, again fathered by Liam (pedigree texel), so we have another litter of 3/4 texels:

This is little Zachary, the 'runt' of the litter, weighing in at 95g! He is white, cream and 'cream agouti' ( a black base, cream tip - not true cream agouti which is a chocolate base, cream tip, but I don't have any other way to describe this colouring properly other than dilute gold agouti!? But that's just confusing so we'll stick with cream agouti).

This is Zeus, a little stunner in mostly white with patches of cream and 'cream agouti'. He weighed in at 100g.

And the little lady of the litter, miss Zoey. Also 'cream agouti' and white, with the cream belly of the agouti's. She weighed in at 100g as well.



The stunning 'English Rose Jasmine' delivered a gorgeous lemon agouti texel sow in the early hours of the 16th April 2012. 'Lavender Vale Tex' is the father.

This is little 'Sirocco Mariella Maeve' at a few hours old, pedigree texel. She weighed in at a very healthy 100g.



Ivy delivered one lovely big lemon agouti girl sometime in the early hours of Thursday the 22nd March 2012. Liam is also the father of this litter, and little 'Posy' looks identical to her half-siblings born a day before her (see previous litter).

Posy weighed in at a healthy 95g. She is a lemon agouti and lemon curly coated girl, who has the potential to develop a full texel coat (genetically 3/4 texel). It will depend on whether she's inherited her mums short (rex) gene, or her mums recessive texel gene.



At approx 8am on Wednesday the 21st March 2012, I noticed Xeraphina in her little nest of hay, madly licking something small and fluffy! I'd only checked her half an hour earlier - but now there were three gorgeous little agouti bubs piled on top of each other. Liam is the dad of this litter, and these bubs will be a mix of texel and merino (the crest/rosette has come through from mum).

Here we have one of the girls 'Velvet'. She's a dilute cream agouti and cream texel, and weighed in at 75g.

This is the other little lady 'Verity'. She's a Lemon agouti and lemon merino, and also weighed in at 75g.

And this little man is 'Venice'. He is a dilute cream agouti merino, and weighed in at 85g.



Galaxy delivered three big healthy babies some where between 11:30pm and 6:30am on the 11th March 2012. (I can't be sure that they were born on the 11th, and not the last half hour of the 10th, so we're just going with the 11th!).

This is the gorgeous black and gold 'Xakery', weighing in at 90g.

And this is 'Xavier', cream and white cuteness at 85g.

And lastly, little 'Xanthe', also 90g and a solid cream.



Lavender Mist delivered three gorgeous curly bubs at approx 11am on sunday the 4th March. I found her part way through labour and got to witness the birth of Ace (bub no. 2) and Ambrose (bub no. 3). Abbie was already out and being cleaned by Zinnia and her 2 day old bubs! Romeo was the father of this litter as well (son of Liam and Ruby).

This is Abbie - she was born first, is the only girl and also the smallest, weighing in at a petite 65g. She's a gold agouti and white girl.

This gorgeous tri colour boy is 'Ace'. He weighed in at 85g and is a mix of black, white and gold.

And this little stunner is 'Ambrose'. He is a very rare lilac/gold argente (lilac base colour with gold tips). He also has some solid white and gold markings as well. He is just incredible. He weighed in at 75g.



Zinnia delivered her litter of three big, healthy bubs at approx 11pm on Friday the 2nd March 2012. These bubs were fathered by Romeo (Liam and Ruby's son), and as such are an unusual mix of rex x texel x rex x texel/rex! lol). These bubs will be staying here until I get a good idea of what their coats are going to do. If there was ever a litter where we might get an elusive 'mid-length curly coated cavy', this would be the litter!

This is Kaleb. He's a gorgeous mix of lilac and gold and he weighed in at a very healthy 100g.

This is little Karma, the lady of the litter weighing in at 90g. She's a stunning brindle coated girl in gold and black.

And this is Knox, a very handsome big man weighing in at 100g as well, and a stunning mix of white, gold agouti and gold.



Molly delivered two gorgeous babies on Monday the 13th February 2012 fathered by Malakai. A gold and white peruvian-looking boy and a cream and white sheltie girl:

Fynn weighed in at 80g and is a gorgeous, vibrant gold (I call it ginger) and white peruvian-coated boy. Time will tell as to what the coat ends up doing though, it may be more peruvian or it may be a little sheba. Molly is genetically peruvian, so that makes sense

And Felice is a stunning little cream and white sheltie with the red eyes like daddy. She weighed in at 90g.



Elodie delivered 4 gold agouti babies at approx 1pm on wednesday the 8th Feb 2012, fathered by Liam. I found the litter at 1:30pm, and out of the 2 boys and 2 girls, one little girl hadn't survived. She was the biggest. The remaining babies were named Tallulah, Taye and Theo:

Tallulah is a gorgeous gold agouti rosetted girl who will grow up to have a long coat that will probably resemble a sheba mini yak. She weighed in at 70g.

Taye was the runt of the litter, weighing in at a petite 55g. He too is gold agouti, but with a coronet coat-type.

And this little man is Theo, who weighed in at 80g. He too is a gold agouti coronet.



Sparrow delivered two big beautiful lilac babies fathered by Malakai some time in the early hours of Feb 2nd 2012. However the biggest baby (130g), a little girl, was left in her sack and did not survive. The surviving baby is a little boy names Pluto. He weighed in at 100g and is a mix of lilac and cream with a white crest on his head and a ridge-back of rosettes!



Alice delivered her second litter, this time fathered by Malakai, sometime in the early hours of Friday the 27th Jan 2012.

This is Monty, he's a cream and white dark-eyed stunner. He weighed in at 85g and was the runt of this litter.

This is M.J. (short for Michael Jackson), as he is almost perfectly half black and half white! He weighed in at a decent 115g.

And this is the only little lady - Mirella. She weighed in at 105g. She's a gorgeous tri-colour mix of red, black and white.



Crumble delivered two gorgeous little boys at approx 8:30pm on Thursday the 26th Jan 2012. One was a texel, and one was a sheltie. Liam is their daddy:

This is Safari, the purebred texel. He was the bigger of the two weighing in at 85g. He is a lovely cream agouti.

And this is Simba, the purebred Sheltie. He was the runt, weighing in at a tiny 65g. He is a stunning rich golden agouti with a red nose.



Yeti delivered three beautiful golden agouti babies, father by Liam at approx 5am on Monday the 23rd Jan 2012. Sadly the only little girl had passed away before we found them, weighing in at a healthy 105g. She was otherwise perfect. The remaining two are gorgeous little boys named Dash and Dante:

This is Dash. He's a golden agouti and white alpaca. He weighed in at 90g.

And this is Dante. He's a solid golden agouti, also with the alpaca coat. He was the runt, weighing in at 75g.



Our gorgeous Lilac girl 'Millicent' had her first litter to our Lilac boy 'Malakai' on the 12th Jan 2012, delivering three big beautiful babies, Winter, Whisper and Willow:

Willow, a little girl, weighed in at 90g:

Whisper, our lilac boy, weighed in at 95g:

and Winter, the second little lady was the biggest bub at 105g.



Our pedigree Texel 'English Rose Violet' delivered our first litter for 2012 on the 6th Jan. Violet's bubs were fathered by a texel male named 'Pooh Bear' who was on loan for stud duty. Violet had two beautiful big baby boys: Henry and Hamlet.

Henry weighed in at 100g, and is a mix of cream, cream agouti and white.

Hamlet weighed in at 90g, and is a darker blend of ginger, golden agouti and a touch of white.