Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby Abby

We bought home a new baby today. A tiny little pet my daughter has called 'Abby'. She's a tri-colour abyssinian x, and is apparently 7wks old. She has been bathed and wormed and cuddled and was popped out in the hutch to meet the other girls. They were great with her - very gentle and curious. No biting or fighting as can sometimes happen when a newbie is introduced.

Abby seems very comfortable around humans, and quite confident with the other guinea pigs too, so hopefully her lovely personality stays this way, and she doesn't become wary of us or starts bossing around the other pigs!

She seems so tiny next to them though. It's been so long since we had little-ones here that I'd forgotten how small they really are!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Winter's Coming!

It has gotten SO cold here in Brisbane over the last few days. A friend of ours lost one of her pet pigs to the cold, and it's only May (traditionally we don't usually see our coldest weather until late June/July. And then the nights only get down to about 5 degrees celsius at the worst!). So this cold snap has caught a lot of us by surprise.

Thankfully I already had some new piggy bedding options in the works, and have been able to get most of them sewn up and in our webstore for sale.

These are a new design concept for us - they work beautifully as a snuggly tunnel, and if you roll the ends up they stay open all by themselves (they're a layer of fleece, a layer of padding and a layer of cotton all quilted together - so nice and plush). They have a velcro strip down the side so they can also be pulled out flat to double as a lap mat, or a blanket/cage liner. This is Kobe using her best modelling skills! (I just love rex guinea pigs - how gorgeous and squishy she is!!)

We've also done some new Piggy Igloos for Winter 2014, and this time we've quilted the inside layer so the lining doesn't colapse down on the pigs while they sleep! I found this most annoying, and I'm sure the pigs did too. The internal quilting means you can't flick out the lining like before, but they're still totally machine washable and actually stay open a lot better.

We also have the classic 'Cuddle Sacks' available again as well. All the products can be found in our special Guinea Pig section on our website.