Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three new arrivals

This morning we had three gorgeous new arrivals - two little boys and a girl. This litter includes 2 'curly sheba' bubs and one standard sheba. We've popped the two litters together, and it is crazy to see the size difference 5 days has made with the litter we had born on Saturday. Both mums are tolerating each other and bubs are sharing milk - that is what I like to see :)

These are the 5 day old bubs born on saturday. They're already getting the fluffy-look as their coats begin growing :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March baby

This handsome big boy was born at approximately 7am on saturday the 19th March. He has two siblings (equally gorgeous, and equally big brother and sister) - and everyone is doing really well. He is a peruvian-coated pig (with a few stray rosettes), but will be STUNNING when that lilac, gold and white coat grows in.

We shared a quick video of him on our facebook page as well. 

Oh! And I totally forgot to mention that we had new piggy bedding restocked on our website too - it has been a little while since I've had the time to sew anything guinea pig related (as we've been run off our feet with the bears), so I asked my mum if she'd be able to help us out as bit - and she's done a fantastic job.

There are a heap of new Roll Ups (my personal favourite), and new cuddle sacks due to be listed in the next week!