Friday, June 28, 2013

Blessing x Asher's daughters - born

Blessing (see above), our gorgeous choc/white roan curly-coated sheba sow delivered her first litter to our curly-coated sheba boar 'Asher' (see below), on the 22nd June 2013.

We got one stunning curly-coated sheba style sow in an interesting tri-colour patch-work patterning. We called her 'Bindi'.

 And we got a gorgeous gold agouti and white roan texel sow we called 'Bonita'. Both girls are doing really well and looking lovely.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Piggy Products

Remember the 'Piggy Panties' from a month or so ago? We sold out of the original batch, so we've whipped up a few more. VERY limited run of each colour (think only 1-2 of each), so if you like one you'll need to get in fast! :)

We have girly/pink-ish ones (as shown below), and some more boyish/blue-tone ones - all available on our website. 


We have also just finished our LAST BATCH of Plush Piggy Igloos for Winter 2013 (season only relevant for the southern hemisphere :P)

We currently have 18 different colours/prints available, including 1 or 2 of the waterproof ones left. Once these have sold out we'll be taking a break from plush igloo making until next cool season

(You can also buy the pattern in our etsy store if you'd like to try making them yourself though - it's an instant download, so no postage costs, and no waiting around for postage).

It got down to 7degrees this morning (this probably doesn't seem very cold for a lot of you from climates where it actually SNOWS - but for an Australian (specifically one from QLD) - this was COLD!!! lol Our pigs were all tucked up in their respective plushie things looking quire pleased with themselves!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evangeline x Asher's bubs

This is mumma pig - our 'Evangeline'. Sheba-style coat.

And this is daddy - Asher again (curly-sheba style coat). He was a busy boy 9-10 weeks ago! lol

Evangeline delivered sometime overnight/early morning on the 20th June 2013. We woke up to find two gorgeous agouti boys, and one DOA curly-sheba style sow. She was stunning - nearly all black with a white nose and white feet. I don't know what happened, but there was nothing more we could do. Mumma had even cleaned her perfectly... so I don't know if she took to long to clean her face, or if her delivery took too long and she suffocated, or if she was trambled while her brothers were born...

We gave her a little cuddle and put her to rest. It always takes me a few hours longer to bond with the siblings of a lost bub. But these two boys were so cute, they had me wrapped around their little fingers by that evening.

We have a gorgeous sheltie boar in silver agouti and white we called 'Zamir'. He has the most gorgeous bold eyes!

And a lovely cinnamon agouti and white texel boar we called 'Zevi'. These two little men will look gorgeous in full coat.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sirocco Tiiva x Hazelron Romeo - one big boy born 18/6/13

This is our gorgeous 'Tiiva' - pedigree texel and mumma of our latest pedigree texel bub.

And this is Romeo - daddy to our latest texel litter. Together these stunning pigs produced...

This not-so-little man! We called him 'Sirocco Montezuma', and he weighed in at a whopping 140g!

His is gold agouti and white, just like his daddy. 

But - unlike either of his parents, he was born with an unusual shimmer to his coat. You can't make it out in his birth photos as they were taken in the shade, but hold him in the sun and his coat shines like gold.

We're pretty sure we have just accidentally produced our first pedigree satin texel! If this is the case, then both mum and dad must carry the satin gene - and we had no idea. We're very curious to watch this boy grow up. A full-coated satin texel will be an incredible sight to see! I can't wait for this little man to grow!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cleo x Asher's first litter together - 4 gorgeous sheba-style bubs

(mumma pig - our Cleo)

(Daddy Pig - our Asher)

Cleo delivered four little babies in the early hours of tuesday morning (18th June 2013). They're quite petite, but she's doing a great job keeping them warm and tucked up under all of her hair!

This was our only curly-coated sheba style bub. We got lucky with a sweet little tri-coloured sow though. I called her 'Imagine'.

'Ivie' is a sheba-style sow just like her mum, in the same lemon agouti, cream and white colouring as well.

(look at that ear! It's like a little mouse-ear!)

Ithaca was the only boar in the litter - also lemon agouti, cream and white.

And lastly this is little 'Isadore' - stunning in jet black with a white nose/feet. Just stunning!

(Sadly Cleo's whole litter passed away 4 days later. It is not uncommon to loose the runt in a litter, but to loose everyone after so many days is quite odd. At this stage Cleo looks ok, but this will be her last litter. We don't know if this was a genetic problem, or a problem to do with Cleo's parenting style. But we don't want to risk it again. RIP gorgeous little ones.)