Friday, June 21, 2013

Sirocco Tiiva x Hazelron Romeo - one big boy born 18/6/13

This is our gorgeous 'Tiiva' - pedigree texel and mumma of our latest pedigree texel bub.

And this is Romeo - daddy to our latest texel litter. Together these stunning pigs produced...

This not-so-little man! We called him 'Sirocco Montezuma', and he weighed in at a whopping 140g!

His is gold agouti and white, just like his daddy. 

But - unlike either of his parents, he was born with an unusual shimmer to his coat. You can't make it out in his birth photos as they were taken in the shade, but hold him in the sun and his coat shines like gold.

We're pretty sure we have just accidentally produced our first pedigree satin texel! If this is the case, then both mum and dad must carry the satin gene - and we had no idea. We're very curious to watch this boy grow up. A full-coated satin texel will be an incredible sight to see! I can't wait for this little man to grow!

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