Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evangeline x Asher's bubs

This is mumma pig - our 'Evangeline'. Sheba-style coat.

And this is daddy - Asher again (curly-sheba style coat). He was a busy boy 9-10 weeks ago! lol

Evangeline delivered sometime overnight/early morning on the 20th June 2013. We woke up to find two gorgeous agouti boys, and one DOA curly-sheba style sow. She was stunning - nearly all black with a white nose and white feet. I don't know what happened, but there was nothing more we could do. Mumma had even cleaned her perfectly... so I don't know if she took to long to clean her face, or if her delivery took too long and she suffocated, or if she was trambled while her brothers were born...

We gave her a little cuddle and put her to rest. It always takes me a few hours longer to bond with the siblings of a lost bub. But these two boys were so cute, they had me wrapped around their little fingers by that evening.

We have a gorgeous sheltie boar in silver agouti and white we called 'Zamir'. He has the most gorgeous bold eyes!

And a lovely cinnamon agouti and white texel boar we called 'Zevi'. These two little men will look gorgeous in full coat.

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