Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cleo x Asher's first litter together - 4 gorgeous sheba-style bubs

(mumma pig - our Cleo)

(Daddy Pig - our Asher)

Cleo delivered four little babies in the early hours of tuesday morning (18th June 2013). They're quite petite, but she's doing a great job keeping them warm and tucked up under all of her hair!

This was our only curly-coated sheba style bub. We got lucky with a sweet little tri-coloured sow though. I called her 'Imagine'.

'Ivie' is a sheba-style sow just like her mum, in the same lemon agouti, cream and white colouring as well.

(look at that ear! It's like a little mouse-ear!)

Ithaca was the only boar in the litter - also lemon agouti, cream and white.

And lastly this is little 'Isadore' - stunning in jet black with a white nose/feet. Just stunning!

(Sadly Cleo's whole litter passed away 4 days later. It is not uncommon to loose the runt in a litter, but to loose everyone after so many days is quite odd. At this stage Cleo looks ok, but this will be her last litter. We don't know if this was a genetic problem, or a problem to do with Cleo's parenting style. But we don't want to risk it again. RIP gorgeous little ones.)

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