About Me

Welcome to Sirocco Cavy Stud, my happy little guinea pig family. We're based off the D'Aguilar Hwy north of Brisbane and south of the Sunshine Coast. I can be contacted on eleb2000@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

My love affair with guinea pigs began about 25 years ago with my first piggy, ingeniously named 'Guinea'! I was clueless, and popped him in a box with about half a tree's worth of eucalyptus leaves and branches. Needless to say when my mum discovered that I'd agreed to take Guinea before getting permission (our neighbours were giving him away), and that I'd tried to feed him eucalyptus - she scolded and intervened!


Guinea started my obsession with the awesome little critters, and was quickly followed by many more. At some point I was given a cute little male tri-colour fluff ball (peruvian) I called 'Fuzzer'. He was an incredibly genetically diverse boar, producing the most beautiful babies - that would be referred to as Sheba Mini Yaks nowadays. He even threw a couple of texel/alpaca babies as well. I kept incredibly detailed documents about his offspring, numbers, colours, fur type, gender, health etc as I was/am a bit of a nerd!

[Fuzzer doing what he did best!]

[Resulting offspring]

[More powder-puff Fuzzer babies]

[Our converted-trampoline grass run]

[More of Fuzzer's offspring. Third and fourth generation here]

[Fuzzer's granddaughter]

[One of my first litters - 'Bunny' and her three himi bubs]

Guinea Pigs are in my blood. My mother grew up with them. I grew up with them, and now my daughter and son are growing up with them. They have got to be one of the best pets for modern families. They don't require a great deal of space, meaning they can be kept in apartments/units. They don't bark at your neighbours, they don't dig up your backyard, and they don't scratch up your new furniture. If the cages are kept clean they don't smell, and they are excellent garbage disposal units, making a quick meal of any left over vegetable scraps that would just go to waste in the bin.

[one of our stunning texels -' Liam']

I think the thing I love the most about them is the huge variety of personalities, colours and fur-types that are possible as well. They really are a big pet in a small package!