Monday, May 28, 2012

Sirocco Sterling - my first Silver Agouti Texel bub!

Phoebe delivered one gorgeous big 130g bub on Thursday the 24th May 2012. He is a perfect Silver Agouti Pedigree Texel boar. I am in love!!!  

These were his photos at only an hour old. I called him 'Sterling'! 

And this is Sterling at 3 days old. His coat is already crazy long for a newborn, and he's just so placid. 

He has perfect ticking, a silver belly and all black feet. He is going to be a stunner!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chloe and Malakai's baby girl 'Aria'

Chloe (very top image), and Malakai (above) have just welcomed a gorgeous little sheba daughter into the world at 12:30am on Friday the 18th May 2012.

Meet 'Aria' - 130g of chunky black, white and buff goodness! 

Aria has approx 8 rosettes displayed very uniformly across her rump, middle and sides. And with the coat type on both mum and dad - this little miss is going to be stunning! She will also carry the texel (curly) gene too. So if partnered with a texel/merino/alpaca in time, she'd have a 50% chance of producing curly bubs herself. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean Out Day

Sunday is piggy clean out day around here. This is what our backyard looks like mid-clean. Its a bit chaotic to say the least.

The pigs enjoy clean out day though. They love change - new beds, new hidey houses, new hay... it's all so exciting that there's a lot of popcorning and crazy running around.

(It all got a little too much for Opal though, and she decided to hide under mum, and maybe steal a bit more milk while she was at it!)

Pollyanna being such a good mum. This would seriously have to be one of the least pleasant parts about being a guinea pig (for the first few days/weeks the mumma guinea pigs have to clean the babies when they poo - which they usually do during suckling - just until the bubs start eating enough solid food that they actually produce solid droppings. And no one's shows the mum how to do this - they just know! It's incredible!)

Two sisters (above) - Sirocco Opal and Sirocco Oceana, 5 days old. And Sirocco Wellington (below), two weeks old and hogging the grain dish all to himself!

Pollyanna and Liam have two big baby boys!

Pollyanna delivered two very large baby boys at 3:30am on Friday the 11th May 2012. 

She woke me with a tiny peep of a squeal, and I knew we were ready to go. The first boy really scared her a lot when it moved after she'd delivered it - and she ran to the other side of the enclosure! Then there was a 20min wait until the second bub emerged - feet first! And she literally did a somersault trying to get him out. With a bit of gentle assistance, both bubs were born safely, airways cleared and Polly did the rest of the cleaning and bonding. 

Liam is the daddy, so we have a 50% chance of texel bubs, and a 50% chance of rex-coated bubs (mum is merino x rex). But we obviously won't know what the bub's are going to look like for a few more weeks yet. They both have seriously dense fur though with the most length I've seen on newborns in a long time. I think they were VERY well 'cooked'! 

This little guy was second born (the breach birth). I was quite worried about him initially, but he's doing so well now. So strong, and so gorgeous! His new mum has called him 'Haru'. He weighed in at a huge 115g.

And this little guy was first born (the one who freaked mum out. You could just about see her brain thinking 'oh my god that huge poo just moved!'). She soon figured out what was going on though, and despite her very independent personality, she's doing a great job with her boys. This little man was named 'Taemin' by his new mum, and he weighed in at 105g - another really good size!

Savannah and Tex welcome three beautiful bubs

Savannah and Tex (shown above) have become proud parents once again, with the exact same litter number and gender they had about 7 months ago! (Isla, Indigo and a stunning boy were the results of the last pairing between these two gorgeous cavies).

Savannah kept me waiting for 5 days longer than I'd anticipated! I had her in her maternity cage next to my bed every night, waking at the slightest sound from her! But no bubs. So on Tuesday morning last week (8th May), I went about our usual routine getting everyone ready for the day. Did the kindy drop off, came home and Savannah had delivered while we were out! INSIDE her cuddle sack too! This was the scene I found as I walked in to check on her. Three Gorgeous little bubs, all healthy and clean. She did an excellent job on her own.

This little guy was the only boy. We called him 'Sirocco Oakley' - but his new mum will be calling him Phantom due to his very cool white face and dark eye. He weighed in at 100g.

 This little sweet heart is Sirocco Oceana. She weighed in at a petite 75g, but is fit and strong and doing really well. She also looks a lot like her big sister Indigo. I'm expecting this to be a glimpse into the future for this little lady.

 And lastly, this is Sirocco Opal. She weighed in at a massive 105g, and is going to be staying here. She has a stunning pattern of white, cream, and agouti across her back that is going to look amazing when she's in full coat.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nixie and Liam's triplet boys - born 2/5/12

Sirocco Nixie, pedigree texel (shown above), and Glenjolie Liam, also pedigree texel (shown below), are now the proud parents of three gorgeous little pedigree texel boys!

I was actually madly sewing cuddle sacks in the lead up to last Wednesday's market night, when I just felt the urge to go and check on Nixie again - even though I'd only done so half an hour earlier. I finished the sack I was working on, and found this scene above! Two bubs out, one just being born. If you look closely you can see him still shiny in his sack.

Nixie did an incredible job getting her bubs clean, and making sure the sack was removed from their faces quickly. She was very attentive, yet also very relaxed having me sit quietly beside her and take photos.

At one point she moved away to the corner to deliver the placentas, and I got a better chance to see the bubs. I love how super curly texel babies look when still wet! Like little cascades of ringlets all over their bodies.


Sirocco Waverley:

So this is 'Sirocco Waverley', a pedigree texel boy in buff, buff roan, white and 'buff agouti' (black base, buff dip - so really a dilute golden agouti). He weighed in at 85g and was the runt of the litter. 
He is ON HOLD. 

Sirocco Wellington:

'Sirocco Wellington' - pedigree texel boy in white, gold and gold agouti (with two perfect little white socks!). He weighed in at a decent 100g! He too is ON HOLD. 

Sirocco Wasabe

'Sirocco Wasabe' - pedigree texel boy in white and buff agouti (black base, buff ticking - so again, really a dilute golden agouti). He weighed in at a heavy 105g! He is also ON HOLD.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cuddle Sack Market Night was a success!

The market night on Wednesday just passed was amazing! I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who joining in the bidding frenzy! There are still a few colours/style left if you're still needing a warm snuggly bed for your piggy this winter, but you'll need to be quick if you want to grab your favourite ones! Check out the facebook album to see which ones are still in stock. 

(We also had a few plush piggies available for adoption too. Mum's and bubs, as well as little lost babies in litter 'sets').

The puppies print sacks were one of my favourites - and in black, they're very practical! You can also order the sacks direct through the blog if you visit the 'Cuddle Sacks' page - about half way down you'll find a paypal button. Just choose the number of sacks you need (complete with discount), and let me know which colours you want as you go through the checkout.

And a touch of red for the piggy who dares to stand out!

All bar one of the plush piggies have sold. I will be making more of these in time... or you are welcome to order custom requests if you have a particular colour theme in mind. Just send me an email at and I'll let you know what will be possible!