Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rainbow guinea pig

How sweet is this little fellow!? He was made as a custom order for a fellow guinea-pig enthusiast in the UK.

We used a piece of our hand-dyed alpaca fur (alpaca's are given haircuts, then their fur is woven onto a cotton backing making the most incredible fabric for teddy bear and soft-sculpture creations! Occasionally we hand-dye this exquisite fur and end up with rainbows that make stunning critters).

This is our first piggy made in the fur though - and it's awesome! Not terribly realistic, but so sweet nonetheless! (You can see more realistic versions of our design on our etsy store)


Also, we've had a few litters of long-haired bubs born over the last few weeks. These will be our last available bubs for quite a while. We'll have progress photos of their coats next week :)