Saturday, January 14, 2023

Baby Sheba pics for Chloe and Michelle

 Hey Chloe and Michelle - lets see if we can get these photos working! To make it easier to talk about these guys, I'll give each one a number. Then we won't get confused. 

Here's our one and only current curly-sheba boy in lilac and gold. He has brilliant ears, doesn't appear to have any roan on him and is a nice stocky boy for his age.

Baby 1.

These are his brothers - these boys were born on the 24/12/22. These two are standard Sheba, curl carriers. The first one is nearly all lilac, with hints of gold near his ear. The other is almost exactly half-half white/lilac. I would consider the second boy to be 'hidden roan' due to the dad having roan. But you wouldn't know for sure until he fathered his first babies with a non-roan sow - it could just be regular white. If any of his bubs ended up with roan markings, you'd know it's coming from him. 

These two are also lovely big chunky boys with beautiful ears and decent rosettes. 

Baby 2.

Baby 3.

These are the parents of the lilac boys. Mum is a standard Sheba, curl carrier in lilac, gold and white, Dad is a curly Sheba in chocolate, gold and white roan. 

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Then we have these two full standard Sheba boys. The genetic lines for these two are brand new to our stud, and originate from South Australia (the paternal line is originally from another breeder in Qld though). They're both tri-colour (the first is gold, black and white, the second is buff, black and white) and there is absolutely no roan in these lines. So these guys are just good old classic tri-colours. 

Their rosettes are ok, their ears sit a little high, but aren't mousey, and out of the two, the first boy (gold) seems to be the better overall breed example. 

Baby 4.

Baby 5.

And this is their sister. She's also full pure standard Sheba and is black and cream brindle, just like her dad. Her rosette placement isn't brilliant, giving her a rather flat patch on her back, and her ears are also a little high, but her markings are so lovely. This is the closest you can get to the roan-effect without the guinea pig having roan! 

These three darlings were born on the 31/12/22. 

Baby 6.

These are their parents. Mum is black, buff and white. Dad is black and cream brindle. 

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And these girls are the half-siblings to the litter above. They have the same dad, but mum is one of our best curly-shebas in black roan. This makes them standard Sheba, curl carriers. 

The first girl is black and gold roan (her roaning effect is tricky to see in the photos, but present all through the rosettes on her rump and down her side. Its really pretty). She has pretty good rosettes and decent ears.

Baby 7.

The second girl is a tri-colour, who might just be a tri-colour, but I think it would be safer to assume there could be some hidden roan in those white patches - especially due to the asymmetrical markings on her ear. This lady is cute as a button (the photos really don't do her justice), and she has pretty good rosettes, but she does have very high ears. 

Baby 8.

These ladies were born on the 2/1/23. This is their mum and dad: 

~~~~~ ***** ~~~ *** ~~~ ***** ~~~~~

And then this is the last litter available.  These guys again have a standard Sheba dad and a curly sheba mum so would again be curl carriers. Dad is buff, white and black, mum is tri-roan. We have 3 little boys, and 1 girl. 

These are the boys: 

Baby 9.
Baby 10.
Baby 11.

The first guy is gold and white (possible hidden roan). 
The second guy is a DIVINE tri-roan like his mum. 
And the third guy is black and white, with a rather unusual lightning stripe marking by one eye (who should also be considered likely hidden roan). 

They all have reasonable ears and decent rosettes. The little lightning stripe boy probably has the least rosettes out of the three of them, and the highest ears. 

This is their sister: 

Baby 12.

She is black, white and cream, and would again be safest assumed to be hidden roan. Her rosettes are not well placed, leaving her with quite a flat patch along the sides of her body, and her ears are very high and mousey. She is a little firecracker of a personality though, just like her mum. 

This litter were born on the 6/1/23, so are very small in these photos still. This is mum and dad: 

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Oh, and we do have these slightly older bubs. They were almost 4 weeks old when these photos were taken, and are over 5 weeks old now. 

They're half-siblings (same dad, different mum). But their mum's are sisters as well (so they're technically sibling cousins!). 

The mums came to us after another local sheba breeder had to quickly rehome all of her animals after moving to a non-pet friendly rental. They were already pregnant, so we don't have a photo of dad, but dad was originally from our stud. He was black and white roan. Dad was standard sheba, curl carrier - so it is possible that he passed his curl gene onto one, or both of his children. But you wouldn't know for sure unless either of these pigs produced a curly-coated bub of their own. 

This is the little boy - he's tri-roan, has excellent rosettes, excellent ears and a gorgeous coat. 

Baby 13.

And this is the little girl. She appears to be just a standard tri-colour in black, buff and white. I can't see any roan on her. She too has a gorgeous dense coat and beautiful ears, but doesn't have quite as good rosetting as her brother. 

Baby 14. 

And these are the two mums of these two bubs: 

'Lane' is the mum of the baby boy - he was born on the 9/12/22. 
'Keira' is the mum of the baby girl - she was born on the 10/12/22.