Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Apologies and welcome

A very warm welcome to all of the new blog visitors we've had over the last week! It's lovely to have you stop by. I hope you're able to find what you're looking for in terms of guinea-pig related information, or are simply enjoying the thousands of guinea pig photos we've posted over the years.

Appologies for the lack of posts here lately, there's not a lot is happening with the pigs this year. Our breeding program is now VERY small, and we are only averaging one litter once in a blue moon. Most of our girls are retired and enjoying life in their massive grass hutch (that I have to haul around the yard every day! Have I mentioned how HEAVY that bloody thing is!!!?).

We now only have one male - our black/white-nose peruvian boar born here last year. We've kept him on just as pet and occasional stud-boy (there were some genetic quirks I wanted to confirm with his line, but he will likely end up desexed long term.

But other then that - there's not much more to report. So i'll just re-post a few of my favourite old photos from the earlier years of this blog. Past pigs who have since passed away, but lived long happy piggy lives while they were here.

And as always, if you're looking for any cavy-related bedding, feel free to check out our available stock. There's not a lot as I'm busier then I can believe with the teddy-bear side of business, but my mum has sewn us up a few items to see us through. We also have patterns for guinea pig plush igloo hidey beds that you can sew yourself...

As well as patterns for making your own plushie guinea pigs too! (Please note that we can take custom orders for look-a-like plushie guinea pigs that replicate your live guinea pig, but the wait list is around 11-12months at present).