Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean Out Day

Sunday is piggy clean out day around here. This is what our backyard looks like mid-clean. Its a bit chaotic to say the least.

The pigs enjoy clean out day though. They love change - new beds, new hidey houses, new hay... it's all so exciting that there's a lot of popcorning and crazy running around.

(It all got a little too much for Opal though, and she decided to hide under mum, and maybe steal a bit more milk while she was at it!)

Pollyanna being such a good mum. This would seriously have to be one of the least pleasant parts about being a guinea pig (for the first few days/weeks the mumma guinea pigs have to clean the babies when they poo - which they usually do during suckling - just until the bubs start eating enough solid food that they actually produce solid droppings. And no one's shows the mum how to do this - they just know! It's incredible!)

Two sisters (above) - Sirocco Opal and Sirocco Oceana, 5 days old. And Sirocco Wellington (below), two weeks old and hogging the grain dish all to himself!

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