Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Piggy Products

Remember the 'Piggy Panties' from a month or so ago? We sold out of the original batch, so we've whipped up a few more. VERY limited run of each colour (think only 1-2 of each), so if you like one you'll need to get in fast! :)

We have girly/pink-ish ones (as shown below), and some more boyish/blue-tone ones - all available on our website. 


We have also just finished our LAST BATCH of Plush Piggy Igloos for Winter 2013 (season only relevant for the southern hemisphere :P)

We currently have 18 different colours/prints available, including 1 or 2 of the waterproof ones left. Once these have sold out we'll be taking a break from plush igloo making until next cool season

(You can also buy the pattern in our etsy store if you'd like to try making them yourself though - it's an instant download, so no postage costs, and no waiting around for postage).

It got down to 7degrees this morning (this probably doesn't seem very cold for a lot of you from climates where it actually SNOWS - but for an Australian (specifically one from QLD) - this was COLD!!! lol Our pigs were all tucked up in their respective plushie things looking quire pleased with themselves!

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