Wednesday, August 15, 2012

11 babies born in 28hrs!

We've just had a MASSIVE couple of days, kicked off yesterday (14th August) at 7am with Elodie delivering 4 stunning bubs during breakfast. 

Then Tallulah delivering 4 amazing babies at 10m this morning (15th August) while we had visitors picking up piggy food and viewing Elodie's bubs!

Then Milli delivering 3 gorgeous lilac boys at approx 11:30am while we were having lunch today! 
(the pic above is of Milli's 3 boys and one of Elodie's cheeky girls getting her bum in the shot!)

All bubs have found homes. But if you'd like to check out all the details and photos feel free to visit our Sirocco Cavy Stud Facebook page. I'll be uploading their individual pics over the next few days, but really need to get some sleep after all this excitement! 

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