Monday, August 13, 2012

Crumble and Blaise's purebred Sheltie bubs

Crumble and Blaise welcomed their first litter together on Friday the 3rd August 2012. (Crumble is above and Blaise is below. Crumble is purebred Sheltie while Blaise is pedigree sheltie)

This little lady is 'Raven'. She is self-black and is going to look amazing in full coat! Her newborn photo is above and her 9-day-old update pic is below. 

And this is 'Riaz' - a stunning rainbow mix of black, gold and white. Those splashes of colour will turn into streaks as his coat grows. His newborn pic us above and his 9-day pic below. 

And now the lovely 'Roseclere'. She is Gold Agouti and White, and is a cheeky little miss! (newborn photo above, 9-day old photo below)

And lastly, Mr 'Rowdy' - he is mostly gold agouti with a splash of white and gold. A very handsome man. (newborn pic above, 9-day-old update pic below.) 

And  couldn't resist this sweet shot of Crumble with her newborn bubs! She's one of my best mumma pigs, so attentive and protective. These babies are getting very well cared for under her expertise! 

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