Monday, July 6, 2015

Long coated babies growing up

This little man here is our 5 week old lilac-tri colour alpaca. He has a lovely coat, not as dense as I would like to see, but still very pretty nonetheless. He is a very gentle natured little guy as well, and we plan to pair him up with a younger boy in the next few weeks.

These are some of our young sows we are keeping. Above is a lilac, gold and white peruvian sow. Below is a tri-agouti peruvian sow. And just below her is a black, gold and white peruvian sow (this one has the most spectacular coat!)

The little lady above is a lilac, gold and white sheba-coated sow. And the two little ladies below are alpaca sows. Their coats are coming along very nicely as well, even the white/gold/roan sow (and she is staying surprisingly clean! You can see a little discoloration around the base of her coat, but nothing too bad yet.)

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