Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elodie's Babies

Elodie delivered four big gold agouti babies somewhere between 1-1:30pm this afternoon. I walked in just after 1:30 and found them. One little girl hadn't survived birth. We do have two surviving boys and another little girl; Taye, Tallulah and Theo:


My scales are still broken at the moment, so I couldn't weigh the babies, but it is obvious that little Taye is the runt of this litter. He is significantly smaller than his siblings, but looking well otherwise. Liam is the father of these babies, so with Taye's crest, he will grow up to look just like a coronet with his gorgeous gold ticked face and long black hair that will grow to the ground.


Little Tallulah has the same colouring as the rest of her siblings, but with some patches of plain gold mingled with the agouti. She has her mum's rosettes and will end up looking quite sheba-mini-yak as an adult. At this stage I'm thinking she will stay here. She's just won me over!


And Mr Theo - also a coronet (with the crest on his head), and also the gold agouti. He has the gold band down one shoulder though, which will probably grow much like a streak of gold when his coat reaches full length.

So far everyone looks healthy and strong. Fingers crossed we've seen the last of the deaths for a while.

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