Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The kids and I made a trip to our local BIG shopping centre this morning. This also happens to the the place where one of the best pet stores for good quality guinea pigs is located. So we did our shopping, then decided to check out the pet store. Sure enough, there was one gorgeous little fuzz-ball boy.

After holding him for just a moment, I decided he needed to come home with us! He is so placid, and so calm and SO soft! And after giving him the once-over back at home, it looks like he's got about 10 rosettes hidden under all that fur!

He's definitely a longer-coated pig than the usual abyssinian, and they estimated his age at 6-8 weeks. My guess is probably 6 weeks, as he's not a big boy and only weighed 290g. I'm SO excited to see how this little guy develops. I love surprise finds like this! And I can only say good things about that pet shop. The pigs are always immaculate, and they ask all the right questions before they let you adopt them. I know pet shops often get a bad wrap, but these guys are the exception for sure!

(oh, and how much does he look like Ginger's baby girl 'Grace'!?)

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