Friday, March 2, 2012

Zinnia's Babies, a late night surprise!

I feel like I've been checking on Zinnia every hour for the last week. And it probably has been that frequent! Last night I checked her at about 10:30pm. I was just about to go to bed. Then I got side tracked watching TV and sewing a bear I'd been working on earlier. Some noises distracted me about 11:15pm and I went to check Zinnia once again. Only this time there were three newbies in the cage! Three gorgeous, wet little bundles of curl. A quick cuddle told me that we had two boys and a girl. I gave Zinnia some extra treats to keep her energy up, tucked them up for the night then eventually went to bed myself.

And these are the gorgeous little creatures that were waiting for me in the morning. All dry and fluffy and so so cute! From left to right we have Karma (the girl), Knox (white/agouti) and Kaleb (lilac and gold).

This shows off the incredibly different colours on these bubs. I never imagined we'd get a lilac out of the pairing between Romeo and Zinnia. I was expecting lots of dark agouti and black! Little Kaleb is a real surprise.


Kaleb weighed in at a very healthy 100g. He looks to have a very thick curly coat, and I'm so excited to see how this develops. Daddy (Romeo) was texel (Liam) x Rex/Texel (Ruby), and mum (Zinnia) is rex x texel x... so these bubs have a good blending of both the texel and rex genes. Fingers crossed we get the right balance for mid-length curly coats.


Karma is the only little girl of the litter weighing in at 90g, and has stunning black and gold brindle markings to her curls. If this coat grows long, she's going to look a little like a bumblebee! Her colouring actually resembles her mum the most, and her grandfather (mum's dad).


Knox surprised me with how much white he has in his coat. He has the white, gold agouti and gold. He too weighed in at 100g.

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