Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lavender Mist's litter

I had been keeping a close eye on Lavender lately, she just seemed to be acting a little odd. She was spending a lot of time almost sleeping on top of Zinnia and her bubs. Like one big pile of pig! Then I happened to glance out the window and noticed Lavender in the hunched over position, and knew exactly what that meant. A quick assessment of the situation found one bubs already delivered (and being cleaned by Zinnia), and one on it's way out. While I watched she then delivered the third bub. Three gorgeous, healthy and ALIVE babies! I actually think she would have been fine even if I'd missed this litter as Zinnia was such a help. More often than not any 'midwife' pigs stay away from the delivering mum, or can accidentally crush the newborns if kept in the same cage - but Zinnia did an excellent job.

Zinnia and Lavender really do seem like best friends, and a few hours later this was the gorgeous scene we found.

Lavender's litter were also fathered by Romeo, and again we got 2 boys and a girl:

Abie was first born, and was also the smallest weighing in at 65g. She's a mix of mostly gold agouti like her daddy, with a patch of white down her side.

Ace was born second. He's a classic tri-colour in black, white and gold. He weighed in at 85g.

And gorgeous Ambrose was third. He weighed in at 75g and is an incredible mix of white, gold and lilac/gold argente (lilac base with gold tips).

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