Monday, March 12, 2012

Galaxy's second litter - fathered by Malakai

Lamington Galaxy and Malakai welcomed their first litter together (Galaxy's second litter) into the world sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning (11/3/12).

Galaxy snuggling with her bubs.

Here we have Xakery, the only dark bub. He's a stunning mix of gold and black and he has the funky rosettes. Four evenly placed across his back. He weighed in at 90g.

This is Xander (ON HOLD). He is a very pretty cream boy with a white nose. He too has the rosettes, three across his spine, and one lower on his side. He weighed in at 85g.

And the little lady of the litter, miss Xanthe. She's a self-cream smooth coat with dark eyes. She weighed in at 90g. If she inherits a long-hair gene from mum (mum carries long-hair genetically), then she'll end up looking like a sheltie. If her brother's get the long hair from mum as well as dad, they'll be spectacular sheba-look-alikes too.

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