Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Surprise

The girls got an extra special breakfast this morning - 'pumpkin surprise'! As you'll be able to see in the next few photos, it caused quite a stir! I think they had a lot of fun pulling out all the bits and climbing inside of it.

And this last photo was taken about 15mins after I put the pumpkin in the cage. The girls made quick work of all the 'surprise' bits. Pumpkin isn't a favourite vegetable, but I am curious to see how much is left tomorrow morning!

And on a bitter-sweet note - Beeno went home with her new family this evening. I hope that she will be a lot calmer in her new home where she will be the sole recipient of all the attention and cuddles, and won't have to share her space with any other pesky piggies. I still have that sad feeling you get when saying goodbye to an old friend though. She had been with us since she was just a baby and knew no other life. I wish you all the best Beeno, and if your new family are reading this let them know we'd LOVE to see pics of you in your new home, and hear how you're doing from time to time :)

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  1. Cool pumpkin surprise! Did ya get any trick or treaters? I already know you did and they really enjoyed what you gave them! The piggies looked like they were having fun aswell! Lol - what did you put in the "pumkin surprise"?