Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sprout's new home, and Romeo's growing hair

I had to make the decision to re-home Sprout recently, as he's not quite what we're looking for in terms of the direction we wish to take with our breeding program. He produces stunning babies, but lacks the coat length we're trying to work with. Thankfully he was very quickly snapped up and went to his new home this morning. Little Olivia went home too, in separate carry-cases! I'll be excited to see Sprout in his new home. He's come so far this year, from his rocky start as a tiny baby, to his infestation with mites and fungus, then his mystery illness that saw him loose nearly half his body weight/almost pass away... to the stunning, muscular big man he is today.

So with Sprout's departure, that leave young Romeo in charge of his own cage. He will be getting to live with a lady friend from today as well - though I doubt he'll figure out what to do with his appendage for a bit longer yet (it took Liam a good three months!).

These are some photos of Romeo's coat at the moment. He's 7 weeks old and just stunning!

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  1. He sure is stunning, I can see why you want to breed more texels, they are so beautiful!!!