Monday, November 21, 2011

Bonnie's Baby Girls

Bonnie finally popped!

Two gorgeous little girls, born sometime between midnight and 6am this morning.


This is Bethanie, she's the bigger of the two sisters, weighing in at 150g. She's a stunning mix of cream, white and lemon agouti (black base, cream tip). She will be staying here!


And this is Bella-Donna. She is the 'runt', weighing in at a massive 125g! She too has some stunning markings in gold, white and 'cream agouti' (which is really just a dilute agouti, black base, gold tips). She will probably be looking for a new home, but I will hold off on officially placing her on the available page until I've had a chance to observe what the coats are going to do on the two girls. If you are interested in Bella-Donna if she should become available, let me know (

And just for comparison sake - this is a photo of Bonnie at only a few hours old as well, born back in May this year. Isn't it incredible how quickly they grow!

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  1. OMG! They are so gorgeous but weigh so much! :O Wow - I wonder what Bonnies bubs will turn out like... maybe your mid length one...