Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weigh in

[Custard, enjoying the cooler afternoon today]

The weigh in for Saturday the 19th November 2011:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 950g (gain 20g) - 32wks (7.5m)
Sparrow is 1010g (loss 15g) - 33wks (7.5m)
Crumble is 1100g (same) - 51wks (11.5m)

*** Sprout's Pad ***
Sprout is 910g (same) - 33wks (7.5m)
Romeo is 375g (loss 25g) - 7wks (1.5m)

*** Malakai's Quarters ***
Malakai is 720g (loss 10g) - 16wks (3.5m)
Millicent is 650g (same) - 16wks (3.5m)
Peppa is 1020g (lost 70g) - 1yr
Molly is 590g (lost 25g) - 14wks (3m)

*** Violet's Arrangement ***
Violet is 630g (gained 25g) - 18wks (4m)
Pooh Bear is 1030g (gained 300g) - on loan

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alba is 930g (lost 20g) - 38wks (8.5m)
Alice is 875g (gain 25g) - 41wks (9.5m)
Bonnie is 1310g (gained 60g) - 25wks (5.5m) - (Heavily Pregnant, due end Nov)
Chloe is 340g (gain 20g) - 7wks (1.5m)
*Custard is 1010g (gained 20g) - 4.5yrs
*Demi is 420g (gained 50g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Elodie is 725g (gained 10g) - 16wks (3.5m)
Galaxy was 980g (gain 30g)- 45wks (10.5m)
Ginger is 1375g (gained 20g) - 35wks (8m) - (pregnant, due approx 2/12)
*Ivy is 465g (gained 75g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Jasmine is 385g (gain 20g) - 9wks (2m)
Lavender Mist is 680g (gained 15g) - 14wks (3m)
Leilani is 890g (gained 15g) - 22wks (5m)
Lotus is 460g (gained 5g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Ruby is 975g (gained 5g) - 35wks (8m)
Sheba is 1030g (gain 20g) - 43wks (10m)
Subi is 1180g (lost 15g) - 2.5yrs
Tigerlily is 470g (gain 50g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Twizzle is 490g (gain 25g) - 8wks (1.5m)
Yeti is 880g (gain 10g) - 24wks (5.5m)
Zinnia is 470g (gain 30g) - 8wks (1.5m)

***Re-homing/Foster Pigs***
Rafia is 720g (gained 45g) - 11wks (2.5m) - (pregnant, due approx 8/12)
Lulu is 780g (gained 40) - 12wks (2.5m) - (pregnant, due approx 5/12)
Olivia is 350g (gain 45g) - 6wks (1.5m) - (On Hold)
Tabitha is 235g (gain 30g) - 3wks - (treating for mites)
Xeraphina is 390g (gain 50g) 6wks - (treating for mites)

***New Mums***
Phoebe is now 725g (same) - 31wks (7m) - (nursing)
Noah is 150g (gained 60g) - 1wk
Nixie is 150g (gained 55g) - 1wk

Delilah is 705g (lost 30g) - approx 1yr - (nursing)
Sadie is 235g (gained 60g) - 3wks
Suri is 250g (gained 60g) - 3wks

A bit of a so-so week of gains this week. The new girls being treated for mites are doing well though, and so are Phoebe's bubs - HUGE gains for such tiny creatures!

We had a bit of an incident with our free-ranging this afternoon too. I thought I'd latched Malakai's cage properly after topping up their grain (especially now that he sits inside the perimeter area of the mansion cage), but I hadn't! And yes, he did what any male guinea pig would do - he realised he could get out, and he found himself some willing partners! Thankfully I was there, filling up water bottles and grain bowls when I heard the ruckus, but after checking the nether-regions of the lady's in question (Alice and Galaxy), I do believe he may have hit his target! Cheeky little bugger. We still don't know if he's actually 'live' yet though, so it may have just been a test-run, so to speak. But I do know that I'll be doubled checking those latches from now on!

Not such a problem when everyone's safely locked away in their cages - all he would have done is go for a bit of a walk in the safety of the perimeter area. It was just one of those moments where everything just worked out for Mr Malakai! :P

To be honest, my main concern was more about Alice and Galaxy only just having had their litters a few months ago. I like to give my girls a bit more of a break then that usually! I have been reading a very informative document - 'Advanced Guide to Keeping Cavies' by another Brisbane Cavy Breeder though, and he explains how a female shouldn't be in show condition (ie. nice and fat) before falling pregnant due to the possible complications from carrying the extra weight. He explains that he actually gets his girls to loose a bit of condition before they're put in for breeding. And here I was trying to get my girls back into full-fatness between litters!

What I've taken away from that piece of information is that perhaps having a blanket-rule of '4 month break between litters' isn't going to work every time. Some mum's might need the full 4 months to recover, while others might get too conditioned/fat over that time. That's what I'm telling myself right now anyways - until I know if Malakai's misadventures have amounted to anything in a few weeks time! :P

Still, there was a lot of VERY interesting reading in the e-book. I'd recommend it if you're interested in the finer points of genetics: coat types, dominant/recessive genes/ colour inheritance etc. You do have to remember that it is one person's opinion though, and I don't agree with everything written, but it certainly gave me some information/guidance that I wasn't aware of already. There's always something to learn, no matter how long you've been in the game! :P

And after that rather long-winded ramble, I'll keep my next few captions short! These are just some shots of captured of Ginger this afternoon - showing off that incredible belly! I'm actually thinking we might have 5 babies... at least! This will definitely be a birth I'll need to be present for!

And Bonnie has surprised me by starting to open her pelvic bone this week too. I first noticed it earlier in the week, and decided to bring her inside for monitoring last night. She's continuing to open, and may possibly have her babies in the next few days. OR - she might do a 'Ruby' on me, and hold onto her litter for the next two weeks before her estimated due date! :P

(I had to include this pic too - it looks like Phoebe is telling Bonnie what to expect from birth... Bonnie looks a bit shocked!)


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  1. hahaha! lol - bonnie does look shoked! WOW Ginger really IS ballooning! Hope you are presant for the birth incase of any complications...