Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nixie and Noah - 8 hours old

It took me a little while, but I'm not feeling as raw about the loss of Phoebe's two little girls now as I did first thing this morning. I still feel incredibly guilty for not being there for her, but as a friend put it - my own kids come before guinea pig midwifery duty, so I can't beat myself up for being a mum to them first. It doesn't stop the 'what if' thoughts though... what if I'd checked her before I started breakfast... - but I'll never know the answer to that!

This was Phoebe and her babies on the grass this afternoon. They're all dry and fluffy now, and looking so good. You can see the colour contrast from Nixie's black to Noah's chocolate-tone. I'm still unsure what to call him exactly, but it does look a lot more 'Dark Chocolate' than 'Slate grey'. And I'd say as he grows, and the hair shaft lightens - he may end up looking more 'Milk Chocolate!'

Nixie, 8 hours old:

Noah, 8 hours old:

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  1. They have such different coat colours now they are dry! They look so cute! Nixie is such a pretty girl! Noah is so cute! I love noah's colour contrast, I love his little buff mark on his nose and paw and I LOVE the swirl of buff down his face!