Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rollo and Ryder - 9 days old

Ruby's boys are 9 days old now. And in that 9 days, their little coats have really started to thicken up. You can see the difference in the quality of the coat/density of the facial fur already (compared to the pedigree texel I bought home yesterday).

This is Ryder (who is already spoken for), and he is just looking more and more like his daddy Liam when we first bought him home, every day. All of the boys are actually.

I'm going to struggle to say goodbye to them. I keep re-checking their little bottoms, hoping I some how made a mistake and one of them is actually a girl... oh how I wish there was a girl I could keep! lol

I thought I'd try and show off his belly curls too - how gorgeous is that!

And just so Ryder didn't get too big of an ego, I thought I'd scoop up Rollo quickly and take some photos of him too. Again - excellent density and curl. And length already too. For 9-day old babies, these guys are pretty special.

Oh - and I'm very pleased to report that all signs of the entropion/eye irritation has cleared up, and all four boys are thriving!

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