Monday, October 10, 2011

An Update on Ripley

As I mentioned on Friday, it appears that Miss Ripley had a partial miscarriage sometime that morning. I explained at the time that I wasn't sure what had happened, as she still felt like she was in the early stages of pregnancy to me, even after finding her with blood on her bottom/mouth and a placenta in the hay. Logically, I would think that if she was to miscarry one baby, she would loose them all. But it seems as if this may not necessarily be the case for guinea pigs?

These are some photos of Ripley taken this afternoon. As you can see there is still a reasonable 'baby bump'. There are a few possibilities as to why she looks like this. Firstly - she is still pregnant, the baby/s are fine, and will be born when ready.
Secondly - she is still pregnant, but may miscarry any remaining babies.
Thirdly - she's not pregnant, and it's something nasty, like a growth of some kind.
Fourth - she's not pregnant, and is just unusually chubby for her size!?

She really has me baffled! She's still as cheeky and funny as ever, so what ever is going on doesn't seem to be bothering her... it just has me guessing!

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