Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby updates

Both new mums and their 7 new babies were all looking really good this morning, so they got promoted to 'mansion-living'!

The babies were very excited, and it was just little popcorning balls of cuteness everywhere for a while. Until they tired themselves out and took a nap in the hay anyways!

Alice seemed a little stressed by the re-introduction and took out a lot of her frustration on poor Ruby. Meanwhile, Galaxy and her four 10-day old boys thought it was great fun, and did lots of bum-sniffing. Alice ended up sulking up the back of the cage while her babies sampled milk from both Ruby and Galaxy. It's fortunate that I've got two excellent mum's in those two ladies. Hopefully this was just a minor hiccup in Alice's new role as mum...

I thought I'd let you all know that I've published the information from my care-booklets given out with the adoption piggies, and it can all be found right here on my page. I've got a page on general care, and one on breeding. Let me know what you think? Too much info? Not enough?


  1. Oh my, Clea is such a cute little angel in that picture. It is such a relief that Ruby and Galaxy are such good parents just incase these slipups keep on coming from Alice.

  2. I think both of your books are great! I've read them both through twice and will reread the breeding one before the boys meet the girls!