Friday, October 14, 2011

More baby Updates

These are just some more updates of the babies so their respective new families can keep an eye on them. Everyone is doing so well too!

Here were have Jethro at 3 weeks. He is incredible! For comparison, check out his newborn photo to see how much his hair has grown in such a short space of time. This little boy will be a stunner as an adult!

And this is Jonah at 3 weeks as well. His fur is also crazy long and kind of frilled/wiggly (Liam's legacy I suspect!). He hasn't gained quite as much weight as his brothers this week though, but otherwise seems fine.

(Jax and Jarvis are doing really well too - their hair is also this length, just difficult to show because they're sheltie look-a-likes with the hair that grows downwards rather than upwards!)

Here we have Onyx at 1 week. He's such a shimmery little guy! And such a wriggly little guy too...

... I thought it might be nice to try and get a photo of Onyx and Cricket together (as these two are being adopted together), but both boys were way more interested in exploring the strange new place I'd put them! They are cheeky little monkeys!

And this is Cricket at 2 weeks old. Again, a lovely dense, fluffy coat. And the prettiest of colours!

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