Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ripley and Rafia

Last week I took in two more rehoming pigs. Pigs that can't stay with their previous owners for a variety of reasons, that come here, get health checked, treated, go on preg watch if they've been living with a male, and then eventually rehomed when 100% healthy, where they will be a much loved pet.

The latest two girls are a mum and daughter duo. Mum was stated as being 3 months old. But to have had a 2 month pregnancy, and now a 1 month old bub, means she would have to be 4 months at the very least. She weighed in at 600g. Not bad for such a little lady really.

This is Rafia - the daughter. Approx 4 weeks old and 300g.

Ripley is a buff and white smooth coat, while Rafia is ginger and white, and has slightly longer hair. Both girls are on preg watch as they were still living with Rafia's daddy when I collected them.

Rafia's a bit skittish still, and really hard to capture for her treatments, but Ripley is quickly becoming my cheekiest, funniest and most bold piggy. It's going to be hard to let this girl go...

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