Friday, October 28, 2011

Violet's new friend

I decided a little while ago that I didn't want to partner Violet to Liam due to the fact that they were almost full brother and sister, just born a litter a part. So I've been busily trying to track down a second pedigree texel male, unrelated to my girls, to join our caviary. This has actually proven to be quite a tricky thing to do! (as I'm sure a lot of you also searching for texels are aware!).

However, in an incredibly fortunate turn of events, Maureen from the Cavy Cottage had a male Texel that I could borrow on 'stud duty'! His name is Pooh Bear, and he's a gorgeous big boy in tri-colour ginger, golden agouti and white markings. He's been clipped for summer, so you can't really get an idea of his full coat - but the last time I visited the Cavy Cottage I got to meet him fully-furred. And he was magnificent.

So he and Violet are bunkering down together, and hopefully we'll have some gorgeous pedigree texel babies resulting from the pairing due early next year.


  1. Awwww, they are so cute! (both of them!) I wonder what his bubs would look like... hm... I'm so used to Liams bubs that I can't even picture a slight idea... well lets just say: Cute! You should keep a bub (if they have any/girls) to remember Pooh Bear(!) and because they'd be the cutest bundles of texel fluff ever born! Would it be inbreeding if you breed Violet with Liam? Or will the bubs just die? Well anyway Pooh Bear is just so cute and so is violet so the bubs are going to be the most adorable things ever! (Because both parents are adorable!)

  2. lol. I'd say the babies will look very similar to both of them. Probably combinations of the white and the agouti. I do hope to keep a baby from this paring to expand my genetic variance. We'll just have to see what we get! And it would be perfectly fine to pair Liam with Violet, even though they are brother and sister. The babies would probably be stunning and perfectly healthy. I am just being fussy, and wanting to bring in some new lines to my litters.

  3. Cute! Wow, pretty... I wonder if you will get any like little Olivia (Cream base, dark tip agouti) because she was very pretty! If you do keep a bub will you breed it with another texel, will you breed it with another pig or not breed it? Really? I never knew you could do that... so you could breed Astro with his brown agouti sister? Ohhh, well the main genes in your breed pigs are liams, (couple of unknown, one litter from sprout) so I guess it would be quite exciting to have a new daddy!