Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ruby's four very healthy baby boys!

Yep, you read that title right. Ruby has finally had her babies. Four very fat and healthy little boys. All four have incredibly dense, curly coats. It's impossible to say at this stage what they'll grow into, but I'm betting they'll get longer hair than a rex. How much longer is the question though!?

Ruby did very well. Another textbook mum. Her boys are all tucked in around her having a nap at the moment. To see them like that makes me wonder how on earth they all fit inside of her!?

This little guy is Rollo. He weighed in at a very healthy 100g. He is the lightest coloured out of the brothers, sporting a white nose, cream agouti eye patches, a cream band across his shoulders with a splash more of white, then a white band across his back and finished with a cream agouti rump. Gorgeous colours, and gorgeous patterning.

Rollo has a stunning thick curly coat. Whether or not he ends up looking more like a rex or more like a texel is the biggest mystery. Ruby's mum was a pedigree texel though, so with that in mind, I'm thinking we're probably going to get a bit of length to those curls!


This little cherub is 'Rudy'. He has a big white nose like mum (with a bit of birth goo still on it!), a splash of chestnut on the side of his face, a splotch of white behind his ears (also like mum) and the rest of him is a lovely rich chestnut agouti.

Rudy weighed in at 90g. A very healthy runt of the litter! He had a bit of trouble keeping his eyes open for the photo shoot!

Rudy from the top, his curls are probably the loosest out of the four boys, but at this stage that doesn't mean much. It may mean he ends up with longer fur, or it may mean nothing.


This little guy is very similar to Rudy, but is actually 'Ryder'. He weighed in at 95g. Ryder has more of the white on his face, and less behind his ears than Rudy.

He also has a chestnut splotch on his rump and a little white foot. The rest of him is the gorgeous chestnut agouti.


And this is the last little man - Romeo. Little poser!

Romeo weighed in at 100g. He has the craziest curls at this stage. He has the white blaze up his nose, with mostly chestnut agouti (golden agouti is probably more the correct terminology), and some chestnut/ginger splotches on the other side of his face and on his rump (also with a little white back foot).

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