Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The kids and I decided to pop into our local pet store (Pet Goods Direct at Wynnum Plaza) before we did our shopping yesterday. Normally we walk in, say hello to the puppies and the birds and the fish, check the piggy cages and see that they're empty, then walk out.

We followed the same routine this time, only when it got to the guinea pig bit - there were actually guinea pigs in there! The first one I spotted looked EXACTLY like Demi, our new black rex. I asked to have a look at the rest, and I spotted a stunning tri-colour roan rex girl. The decision was made in about 3sec flat: I had to take her home!

So this is Lotus. She's approx 5 weeks old, has the roan markings in slate, white and cream, and has the most frizzy, crimped rex-like coat ever. She's surprisingly friendly for a pet shop piggie. I think she and her siblings (who were still there when I left yesterday afternoon if anyone is interested in them) had been well looked after. They did have a considerable amount of lice though - so Lotus is currently being treated and quarantined while we make sure she's healthy and get to know her a bit better.

(check out that frizzy rainbow butt! Too Cute!)

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  1. Awwww she is just the cutest! how many pigs do you have now?