Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly weigh in

[Ben and Mika together]

Here's this weeks weigh in, for Sunday the 25th September 2011:

*** Liam's Love Shack ***
Liam is 890g (gain 10g) - 24wks (6m)
Ginger is 945g (loss 5g) - 27wks (6.5m)
Alba is 805g (same) - 30wks (7.5m)

*** Sprout's Pad ***
Sprout is 865g (gained 45g) - 25wks (6m)
Subi is 1160g (lost 25g) - 2.5yrs

*** Malakai's Baby-Sitting Service***
Malakai is 440g (gained 55g) - 8wks (2m)
Mika is 395g (gained 65g) - 6wks (1.5m)
Ben is 350g (gained 70g) - 4wks (1m)

*** Girl's Mansion ***
Alice is 1030g (gained 65g) - 32wks (8m) (Heavily pregnant, due approx 1/10/11)
Beeno is 910g (gained 20g) - 30wks (7.5m)
Bonnie is 870g (lost 10g) - 17wks (4m)
Crumble is 945g (gained 25g) - 43wks (10m)
Custard is 925g (lost 50g) - 4.5yrs
Eloide is 430g (gained 60) - 8wks (2m)
Kobe is 990g (same) - 30wks (7m) (Heavily Pregnant, due early October)
Lavender Mist is 385g (gained 40g) - 6wks (1.5m)
Leilani is 710g (first weigh in) - 14wks (3m)
Millicent is 400g (gained 50g) - 8wks (2m)
Molly is 380g (gained 35g) - 6wks (1.5m)
Peppa is 940g (first weigh in) - 1yr
Phoebe is 755g (first weigh in) - 23wks (5.5m)
Ruby is 1260g (gained 60g) - 27wks (6.5m) - (Heavily pregnant, revised due date now end of September/early October)
Sheba is 770g (gain 30g) - 35wks (8.5m)
Sparrow is 910g (gained 5g) - 24wks (6m)
Violet is 460g (first weigh in) - 10 wks (2m)
Yeti is 695g (gained 25g) - 17wks (4m)

Petal is 420g (first weigh in) - 14wks (3m)
Pixie is 655g (first weigh in) - 28wks (7m)

Galaxy was 1300g before delivery, now weighs 890g (loss of 410g, 375g of that was baby!)- 38wks (9m) - nursing
Jethro is 100g (newborn)
Jonah is 75g (newborn)
Jax is 105g (newborn)
Jarvis is 95g (newborn)

[Molly at 6 weeks]

Wow - we now have 33 guinea pig residents. That's more than I ever imagined having here at any one time. Purely due to the recent re-homing pigs, new additions, babies waiting to go to their new homes and babies just born. Good thing we've got lots of space, lots of food and lots of time for cuddles.

Another good week of weight gains for all the young ones. Even Sheba gained this week - finally! We will not be breeding with her again. She did not seem to handle the whole experience very well, and will probably need many months to recover. Some girls take it in their stride (Galaxy is doing so well!), yet others struggle. Very much like human mum's too (I struggled, and won't be doing that again!). I think it's important as a breeder to know your animals, and know when enough is enough. That being said, she did do an excellent job of raising her boys, who are just the sweetest little men. Bear and Bodie are settling into their new home, and Ben will be going to his new home with Mika next week.

We're now just waiting on the last three heavily pregnant ladies to deliver. I'm actually not sure who is going to go first!

[Lavender Mist on the grass]

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