Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally - some pedigree texel females!

A fellow piggy-loving friend needed to part with her guinea pigs today, so I took on three more girls. (because there's always room for one more... or three more... or six more in two days as has been the case this week! :P). This little lady is a three month old chocolate Himalayan coronet (crested sheltie). I've called her Leilani, which means 'heavenly flower'.

I also bought home this lovely lady. Her pedigree name is 'Cambent Princess Leyah', but I'll be keeping her last owner's name of 'Phoebe'. She's a black and cream 5 month old pedigree texel. She has links to Liam's original stud (Glenjolie) as well as Krisdar, Pipsqueak and Hedon heritage. She has been living with a buff texel male for the last month or so, and is most probably pregnant. So we will keep her on pregnancy watch for the next few weeks. She will also be on trial for her personality as well - she has a bit of a mean streak. We're not sure if this is a pregnancy related aggression, or an inherent trait. If she doesn't end up being able to co-habitate with my other ladies, she will need to find a special 'no-other-pesky-piggies' home. But we'll see, she will get a good chance to find her place in the hierarchy.

And lastly, this sweet little bundle of gorgeousness is 'English Rose Violet', but we'll be calling her just 'Violet'. She is from similar stud stock as my Liam, but through a different stud owner, and she and Liam do share some ancestors. She was born on the 18th July this year (my birthday!) and already has a lovely coat.

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