Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bear and Bodie back up for adoption

Bear and Bodie are back up for adoption, but I'm not expecting them to be available for long!

These two were the boys destined for Sydney, and were only weeks away from travelling. Their adoptive family have let me know that they are facing some unexpected time away from home in the near future, and didn't think it was fair to the boys to be left without the interaction of the family, so will adopt again when they can be home to get to know the piggies when they first arrive.

(Bodie at 1.5weeks old)

This means that if you're looking for a guinea pig pal or two, you're in luck! You'll need to let me know asap though as there is only one 'Bear' and one 'Bodie'!

(Check out the Available page for more information on adopting the boys.)

(Bear at 1.5 weeks old)

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